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Monday, October 17, 2016


Alas, there are no more bon bons! I ate them all. I wish I had not been so greedy, because even ONE SINGLE bon bon would have been very nice after my burrito de carnitas, sin frijoles, con extra queso y los sheer bucket-loads de salsa picante.
I think the salsa was made from chiles de arbol secos, toasted a little to facilitate grinding.

Sometimes a man lives for his mouth.

As I am lighting up the fifth and final pipe of the day (it is after ten in the evening here in San Francisco), A.F. in Hong Kong is looking forward to another smoke later in the afternoon. Earlier he stood on the north side of Queens Road Central, between Ice House and Bank streets, sheltering from the rain, while smoking a Dunhill mixture that cannot be purchased anywhere here in the Bay Area. It has Latakia in it, and probably smelled very evocative and absolutely delightful in the warm humid afternoon air.
What I am smoking is Cornell & Diehl's Yorktown, which is a straight Virginia ribbon-cut mixture. Simple but excellent. In a black sandblast bent bulldog bought at Grant's on Market Street years ago.

Instead of a bon bon, I am having another cup of coffee. So there may be another pipe after midnight. My apartment mate does not notice Virginias after she has fallen asleep. She claims to hate smoking, but does not have a particularly sensitive nose. Which, believe me, is a blessing indeed.

Late at night, when she is in her room, and I am still up in front of my computer, I take risks. Like smoking a bowlful of something mostly flue-cured in the same living quarters as a fervent nonsmoker.

In Hong Kong one does not need to take risks.

I had a burrito with extra cheese.

A.F. has a typhoon.

The bon bons, which are now all gone, were from Littlejohns, which has locations in San Francisco and Los Angeles. It is a company I had never heard of before. They were luscious. When it comes to sweet things I have no self control. I kept telling myself "no more" while grabbing another. It is surprising how fast a box of sweeties disappears.
And disappointing too.

I also finished the icecream.

It was caramel.

There is still some cake left (one whole generous portion), but I resist.
My apartment mate should have it for breakfast.

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