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Saturday, October 15, 2016


A few people have wondered why I no longer discuss politics with them, though on occasion that subject is mentioned in conversation. And they may be somewhat aware of my snide intemperance on this blog.
I still avidly talk about such matters, albeit selectively.
They do too. But I refrain from responding.

It's a question of sanity.

At times I will drop a jab in the cigar lounge to taunt the old kackers. That happens rarely now, and I will try to limit it even more the closer we get to Trumpnik Riot Day (which will probably occur on Wednesday, November 9th.). The cigar bar is, as you would expect, also no longer quite so fond a part of my regular ronda.

"One must not argue with idiots, for they will drag you down to their level ... "
--- Mark Twain, allegedly.

"He may look like an idiot and talk like an idiot but don't let that fool you; he really is an idiot."
--- Grouch Marx, also allegedly.

I do not talk politics with my ex-girlfriend (helpmeet and companion for many years, still a good friend), but even when we were together I never did so. She is not as obsessed as I am, but I'm glad that we think so much alike. She too fervently wishes for the resounding defeat of the indecent bloat-faced pustule currently representing the dark side.

She has a far greater investment in seeing him go down in flames, as she is female, and of an ethnic minority background. I am white, male, and of an acceptable Protestant derivation, so theoretically it means less to me.

She considers Trump and his fanclub to be a disease.
A veritable plague, vipers on two legs.
I do not disagree at all.

Like many people, I celebrate the ongoing self-immolation of the GOP, which since the fifties transformed itself from a relatively benign social phenomenon into an Alien-like Predator hostile to humans.

Today's Republicans are stark-raving batshit. An evil cabal. There is no other way to describe them. They have become the party of narrowmindedness, religious rigidities, and fear.

They are not fit company.

I fervently hope that current events will cause them to decline, and fade even more from any possible relevance. The current poisonous effect of Trump's candidacy, Teapartyism, and the insane religious rantings of Pat Robertson (et genus idem serpentium), proves that these are not people who can be reasoned with, relied upon, or even trusted.

These folks are all Americans, and very American.
But they are completely un-American.

It's awfully white of them.

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