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Saturday, October 08, 2016


After I few moments I realized what set me apart form the elderly men sitting in the bakery. Two things. First one being that I was not having coffee, but was drinking a yuen-yeung. Secondly, my hair was not white. Salt and peppery, sure, but theirs was all white. In other words, I am just the blooming epitome of bouncing ruddy good youth.

They are all severely senior. White haired.
Creak ... creak ... creak ...

Of course, I was also the only one suffering from the heat. Having spent my childhood in the frigid boggy north, I cannot deal with this climate.

I would far rather be naked, but the problem is that one cannot be naked in public -- out of considerations of good taste, chafing, and one's fellow citizens' thin connection to equanimity and peace of mind -- and being naked in private is, more or less, a statement, if one has an apartment mate. One should always be selective about one's nudity.
Unless one is utterly alone.
Then not.

Given a choice of shared nudity or solitary nudity, I would rather have the shared nudity, but only if I could choose the other willing person.
Otherwise, I should be alone. You, I''m sure, think so too.

In this heat, it would have to be passive and reclining nudity, perhaps with languorous fans and lots of liquids, while gazing up at the ceiling and listening to yowling yuppie baseball fans on Polk Street.

Active nudity in all probability occurs during the off-season.

One more reason to hate organized sports.

Not that I needed it.

I do not ever need to be naked in that bakery. Chinatown does not want one of their favourite sit-down places to go nudist. And it would affect the taste of the pastries.

Plus, if I were to spill my hot beverage, it could get embarrassing.


What should one do when one is companionably naked with another person during hot weather? One tries not to stare (or at least not get caught doing so), and one offers to make some tea. Does the other person want cold tea? There are ice cubes. Lemon, unless one prepared for this in advance, is sadly missing, but there is a choice of teas. Sorry, no, I do not have pumpkin spice or lime-tangerine zingy dingy; there's green, three different oolongs, pu erh, and two black teas.

Nothing sticky.

Let us assume that the nudity was a spontaneous decision, a bright spur of the moment inspiration, between two consenting adults. Not three. Not four. More than two would be uncomfortable and embarrassing. One shall also assume that they are not strangers, and have positive regards for each other. This despite the fact that it is too hot for any physical contact, skin to skin. Merely being naked seems like a mighty good idea. Blinds drawn, for that deceptive cooling effect that the shade provides, and perhaps a moist cloth to lay across the brow. Brows. Two brows.

If there is any television to be watched, it shall be mutually decided upon (meaning most likely NOT the weather channel), and there will be drinks. Probably ice tea. It is important to remain properly hydrated. Though the blinds are down, the windows are open. It provides a cross-draft.
And lets the smoke escape.

Can't go outside to smoke; I'm not decent.
I know, near the kitchen window.
With a bathrobe.

It's too warm to do anything. We should read and doze. Or take a shower. Either together or separate, whatever seems best.
Dinner? Maybe later. Once it has cooled down.

Meanwhile, I'll make some more tea.

Am I over-thinking this?

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