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Sunday, October 09, 2016


You know I like to research weird bits, right? Apropos of Donald Trump, last night I looked up 'cloaca'. Which is the general purpose orifice that snakes, lizards, and amphibians have. As well as numerous other non-mammalian creatures, and a very limited number of mammals.

As a general word of advice, do NOT grab at a snake's cloaca. Especially a feisty live rattler. No, this isn't something based on experience, but sound common sense.

Related thereto, I found out that the New World possum has a bifurcated penis that would fit perfectly into Donald Trump's nose. Or probably did.
Makes you wonder why he was sniffing during the debate a few weeks ago. Or what. What did he sniff?

Donald Trump is the chosen representative of the Republican Party.

Their champion, frontrunner, and standard bearer.

Solid Christian values.

On a slightly related note, I am so very very glad that my apartment mate pays little attention to the news, and no attention whatsoever to social media. She is very Aspy, and of Cantonese extraction though local born. Both of those details are relevant, because the only possible upside to her being aware what Donald Trump said about women, if she ever finds out about it, would be that my Cantonese vocabulary would improve by virtue of hearing a long, passionate, angry, and extremely repetitive Asperger-y rant, partly in English, partly in Toishan dialect. Which would be two to three hours of my life I would never get back.

[Full disclosure: I likewise am Aspy, albeit manageably mildly. The blog, which is in its eleventh year, is testimony to that. Food, pipe tobacco, Hong Kong milk tea, and the occasional obsession.]

Her boyfriend should get that rant.
Not me. I'm innocent.

One cannot call Donald Trump a skunk, because skunks are intelligent social animals, and very cute. But American possums are remarkably ugly critters, which look like deathshead rodents. The flesh is oily and greasy, and when prepared for eating the beast has to be washed thoroughly after skinning and gutting. Ginger and parsley are useful additions to the pot, as are various tubers. I would also add a chili or two, as well as cumin, black pepper,and nutmeg. First sauté some chopped onion, celery, and tomato, then add everything else. Cook till falling off the bone tender.

It will still taste overwhelmingly like possum, though.

The possum has a bifurcated penis.

And stubby fingers.

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