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Sunday, April 08, 2012


What moves you in the morning? By which I really mean, what gets you out of bed?

Is it the prospect of a slice of pizza heated in the toaster oven?
Or perhaps a steaming bowl of warm chocolate?

You probably look quite charming rubbing those sleepy eyes while warming something up, padding around the silent kitchen in your jammies. A little bit of clanging and banging till the water boils, then rush it over the waiting teabag.
Yes, pizza does sound rather good at that moment. Far better than greasy breakfast food or sweet crunchy muck.
The morning is made for something savoury, something zesty.
Spicy, textural, and meaty.

A quick bite (of pizza), and dawdling over a steaming cup.
You’re fully awake now, and the day seems bright and fresh.
There are things you’d like to do and people you’d like to meet.
It’s time to explore, to avidly discover new faces, tastes, and feelings.

Actually, it’s time to take a long hot bath, with no one to disturb you in the quiet apartment.
Although if the right person bothered you, you wouldn’t at all mind. There’s room to sit on the edge of the tub and someone to talk to.
You’ll happily put down the mystery novel and stretch out in the warm water.
Followed by a thorough rub down with a thick fluffy towel.
Fuzzy warmth all over, tingly feeling.
Smelling very clean.

During the week one has to hurry. Schedules, appointments, and a full day ahead.
It isn’t till several hours later that everything calms down again.
So long till nightfall and pau-hana time!
Evenings are freedom.
And privacy.

Much can happen. Make bold decisions.
Thoughtfully choose the gusto.
Warmth. Wetness.
Nice soap.

When I bathe I twiddle my toes and stare at the ceiling.
Cup of coffee, and small cigars.
It’s ‘me’ time.

Feel free to interrupt.
On weekends I have all the time in the world.
Later, after napping, we’ll go get some of that pizza we’ve been talking about.

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