Tuesday, July 26, 2022


The great thing about being a pipesmoker is that, because smoking no longer is allowed in cafés, one does not have to listen to vacuous white yuppie zotsbrains disquisitioning about inane subjects. The enjoyment of an excellent mostly red Virginia blend with a modicum of Perique -- nothing at all like what silly Hobbits puff -- is quite undisturbed by the prattle of the spamferbrains classes. It was stupendous.

Instead, on the bus I got to listen to the porridge-brained law office dingo telling her friend on the phone all about what she had for lunch (steak tartare and bone marrow) and what she'll have for dinner (Mexican food), plus that she's been eating a lot of sashimi lately, which she washes down with saké. I would have turned around and told her to shut the bloody jayzes up, seeing as she was standing right behind me, but she wasn't wearing a mask, and I did not want to breathe her exhalate or smell her steak tartare and bone marrow mouth.

SF Muni busses are rolling petri dishes. Especiallyat rush hour when they're filled with twenties and thirties downtown office workers. If monkey pox starts spreading like wildfire, just like the Omicron variant, it will be because of those people.

Have you hugged a vector today?
No, but I was surrounded by a dozen of them. No masks.

I enjoyed my smoke before getting on the bus very much. There wasn't a single yuppie or brainless tourist on Waverly at that time, nor any of the skateboard jugend.
So it was absolutely peaceful and serene.

Cornell & Diehl's Anthology in a Comoy Tradition squat bulldog I've had for many years.

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