Monday, July 18, 2022


There are plans to create an exclusive private club in the downtown area where the well-heeled can enjoy exquisite delicacies safely insulated from the common people. In an area which, because of several public protests over the decades, is well-known to everyone, and easily stormed by the peasants armed with pitchforks and torches. High enough above street level that simply pushing them over the parapet with a rope around their necks will serve in lieu of gibbets.

Sho restaurant, in Salesforce Park.

The artists rendering of what it looks like shows easy access by a mob, zero defensible positions, and so much plate glass that it will be a tempting target. This blogger, naturally, welcomes isolating the super wealthy in a central target area that they cannot escape.

A members-only Sky Lounge on a series of connected rooftops half a dozen stories or so above homeless encampments and drug dealers, accessible by public transit. Brilliant.

No hoi polloi allowed!

Sadly, while the revolution may indeed be televised, viewer access will probably only be by special subscription. The enhanced package, with added features and films at a higher price. Available if you take advantage of one time offers sold only five times a year when key numbers have to be reached. Like a boxing match in Vegas.
Best viewed on a wide screen teevee. Have pizza delivered, and fix some popcorn.

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