Wednesday, July 27, 2022


Year ago Canadian Blood Services inadvertently let the cat out of the bag, by admitting that adorable vampire children were hungry, and ruthless. And there's probably one near where you live. Lurking. Waiting. Drooling. Ready to puncture your carotid artery.
Relentless and hungry vampire tykes.
They're roaming the country side.

In other news, all Sichuan vegetarian dishes, if cooked by and for Cantonese people, always contain meat. As far as Cantonese people are concerned strict avoidance of meat is for crazy white people and Gujaratis (and other eccentrics), but not something worth pursuing.
Just eat around the bacon, white man.

Fish flavour eggplant and Ma Po tofu? Yes, that's one helluva tasty meat sauce.
It's achieved by using pork. A fabulous animal.

Meat provides iron, zinc and is one of the main sources of B12 in the diet. All of which are essential for healthy blood and preventing anemia. And studies have recently shown that meat proteins assist in maintaining cardivascular health and brain function.
Such things are important to young and growing vampires.
Be a mensch, think of the youngsters.

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