Tuesday, July 19, 2022


The apartment mate asked "what is organza?" So naturally the resident know-it-all fellow (me) answered "a tough but thin silken fabric that passes light". Which is what the Chinese characters say. 透明硬紗 ('tau ming ngaan saa'). Which, given that the apartment mate does not read Chinese, and has but a passable ability in her parents' language (Toisanwaa from the area of Hoi Ping) is of no buggery use whatsoever bloody smart ass.

Per Wikipedia: "Organza is a thin, plain weave, sheer fabric traditionally made from silk. Many modern organzas are woven with synthetic filament fibers such as polyester or nylon. Silk organza is woven by a number of mills along the Yangtze River and in the province of Zhejiang in China. A coarser silk organza is woven in the Bangalore area of India.
Deluxe silk organzas are woven in France and Italy.
" End quote.

Related terms are 水光纱 ('seui gwong saa') and 水晶紗 ('seui jing saa'). Water glow silk, crystal silk. It is crisp, strong, and lightweight.

It would probably be perfect for natives boiling in the tropical heat of Western Europe right now. Several of my Facebook buddies are limply bellyaching about the temperature there.

When we were still living in the Netherlands, the one time it got over eighty my mother was hesitant about letting me out of the house. She was used to San Francisco weather, where the moment it passes seventy we call it a heat wave and start blaming Christians and other Southerners for the climate going all to hell.
Today the high in the city will be sixty six or sixty seven. It will be mid- to high fifties around midnight. When I shall be returning home from a late night smoke across the hill.

Sweater weather.

This morning during my first pipe it was cold outside. Foggy.
At present it is fifty eight Fahrenheit.

Years ago when I was in front of the office building having a smoke, a colleague briefly joined me and remarked on how chilly it was, to which I responded that it wasn't cold, only "crisp". Her reply begged to differ. "Crisp? CRISP?" You're outta your blasted mind you damned frigid Dutchman, it's buggery freezing out here! I'm going back inside, this makes me want to pee!"

It is well-known that cooler temperatures have that effect.

Peeing is good for you. It flushes the system.

The heater is on in the bathroom.

I have already peed.

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