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In keeping with Stephen Tyrone Colbert's lovely idea that ethnic pride be celebrated with the Dutch National Dish -- we only have ONE dish, it's what we eat all the time -- may I suggest that, in order to properly celebrate Irish American month, Asian and Pacific Islander Month, LGBTQ Month, or whatever month, everyone eat "Boeren Kool Stampot Met Rookworst"? July is National Baked Bean Month, and seeing as that crap is both inedible and Swedish, that also is better with boeren kool stampot met rookworst. Or entirely instead of.

National Pumpkin Spice Month? Boeren kool stampot met rookworst.
Parsnip month? Boeren kool stampot met rookworst.
Easter and the resurrection of mythological deities? Boeren kool stampot met rookworst.
Christian Facism Month (December)? Boeren kool stampot met rookworst.

Kale and potato mash with a smoked sausage.

One pound of potatoes, peeled.
One pound of boerenkool (curly kale), coarse chopped.
One pound of smoked sausage.
Half cup milk or half & half.
Two Tablespoons butter.
One Tablespoon vinegar.
Half a Tablespoon sharp mustard.
Salt, pepper, and a generous pinch of nutmeg.

Quarter the potatoes. Put potatoes and boerenkool in a pot with lightly salted water to cover well, bring to a boil, turn low and cook for about twenty minutes. Put the sausage on top, cook for another ten minutes or so. Remove the sausage to a plate and keep warm.

Drain the excess moisture from the pan and mash the potatoes and boerenkool together, adding the milk and butter. Continue mashing while adding pepper, nutmeg, vinegar, and mustard. Reheat on a gentle flame, taste, and adjust salt if necessary.

Brown the cooked sausage with some minced onion, then put it on top of the mash.

Serves four.

Sambal is optional. It's up to you. Highly recommended.

NOTE: I first put this recipe on this blog over twelve years ago. Since then I have been on a mission to introduce it to headhunters, cannibals, and idolators in many primitive areas of this world; Russia, Egypt, Turfan, Monaco, Fremont, North Korea, Tangshan (Hebei), the very many Nazi warcriminal welcoming countries of South America, and Mississippi.

Probably pointless, as there is no evidence that they can read.

FURTHER NOTE, FOR VEGANS: Replace everything with tofu.

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