Friday, July 29, 2022


One of the most charming things yesterday was the two little girls wearing baggy clothes to stay warm at the bakery in Chinatown. Short, unawarely pretty, and obviously fully sentient. Very intelligent eyes. Maybe eight or nine years old. Which I contrast with the tanned slag coming up the street outside my building later, wearing two tight lavender spandex obscene garments, one top one bottom, which exposed her belly and legs. Scoping out her texts on a cell phone with a blah dull expression on her face.

It may have been the pastries. Good things to eat makes Cantonese people come alive. They are fully vested in the concept.

I myself had a warm and crumblesome egg tart.
It was sinfully delicious.
Preamble to a smoke.

I will not suggest feeding the exhibitionistic blah slag pastries. Appreciating delicious things to eat takes an active mind. There was no evidence that she had such a thing.

I am in favour of with-holding good things from dull yuppies.
Because I am a mean-spirited old Dutchman.
I like charming things.

Because of the wind it was cold yesterday afternoon. At times bitterly so. I cannot understand people who insist on going around obscenely dressed at any time, far more so when there's a chill outside and the weather is quite unconducive to showing off what they think is alluring. Tight spandex is never alluring.

Spandex. Urgh!

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