Sunday, October 04, 2020


As it turns out, some people have a hard time reading me in person; I had to explain to a nice Scandinavian immigrant American precisely how much I hate the orange turd-ball and despise his verkrampte supporters. And that I don't want him to die just yet. Not until he's lost the election, bigly, and been brought up on charges of treason, fraud, and rape.
While suffering lingering after effects.

I would have thought that my sentiments would have been obvious.

Apparently not.

By the same token, the one person I thought would have been batshit crazy deep into Qanon AND a believer in pizzagate from the beginning, had been entirely oblivious of the pizzagate nonsense all this time. He's not nearly as badly informed as I thought he would be.
But he can name every teevee series and movie since the sixties.

Of course neither man reads much, and would have a hard time recognizing literary or historical references. That's a weakness that many people have, not just in the United States. But as a common cultural flaw, that weakness is particularly strong here.

There are two lovely consumer products named after notorious Roman emperors who were quite degenerate: Tiberius and Caligula. That company's marketing department either consists of illiterates, OR assumes their target demographic to be such.
There is, by the way, absolutely no possible logical connection between the products and those ancient Roman exemplars of depravity.

In other news, when I was informed that the most important thing today was the scheduled contest between The Forty Niners and The Eagles, for a moment I fondly thought the infamous rock band was scheduled to get clobbered by the local football team.
Something which I would gladly have paid to see.
We all hate the effing Eagles, man.

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