Sunday, October 04, 2020


One friend laments that so many of his fellow Vietnamese Americans intend to vote for Trump. Another friend is deeply saddened by Hispanics for Trump. Dudes, but for the fact that I speak Dutch, Yiddish, and Cantonese, and hate McDonalds, football, and American beer, I'm so lily white WASP you could eat off of me. I'm a Dutch American descended from the first settlers in New Amsterdam; I have oodles of kin among the willing enablers and quislings of this administration.

How the hell do you think I feel?

Additionally, three carpetbagging new wave Dutch Americans on the wrong side -- Betsy De Vos, Erik Prince, and Pete Hoekstra -- are virtually the faces of the Dutch American segment of the population.

Is it any wonder that I am extremely hesitant to associate with Dutch Americans?
Most of them are morally suspect. Some are criminals.

Een kleine gedachte: Donald Trump mag de kolere krijgen, en hij en al zijn bloedverwanten in de bajes verdwijnen. Een regime samengesteld van hoeren-schorem. Daarna de dieven en schoften van de Republikeinse regering achterhalen en berechtigen.
Zo nodig, harde vergeldingsakties.

I cannot emphasize how much I despise Republicans and true Christians.

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