Thursday, October 29, 2020


Having confirmed with the pharmacy that my refills are ready, the biggest decision today is "what pipe do I twiddle with while picking up my medications to achieve optimum reaction?" Because the ladies at the pharmacy endearingly insist on hollering that I should quit smoking, which isn't going to happen. A handsome old piece is required. Which will then be filled and lit while wandering around shopping for veggies.
Jackson Street at Stockton, downhill from the pharmacy at CHSF

Yeah, I'll pop my mask back on when anywhere near people.

So smoking while anywhere near the shops is out of the question. Too many folks on Stockton Street, and on side streets nearby, who, like me, will assume that Caucasians are in the main dumbasses who spread infection, because we've seen the blighters dining outdoors, drinking alcohol, jogging, or walking their pets without masking. Small herds of them in close proximity. And we've read the news about Florida and Georgia.
Frat boys, gun nuts, and Republicans.


Honestly, I'd rather not be around white people right now. As a group, we've been particularly stupid during this pandemic. Except for the Canadians. If you look at the infection maps, you'll see that the red ends at the border. Testimony to common sense and sound policy.

So I guess the pipe should be a Canadian shape briar.
It would fit my off-kilter sense of humour, as well as being appropriate. The tobacco will be foreign too, because good pipe tobacco is almost entirely from outside the country. Not an English product, though. They're heading into another set of lockdowns (probably far too American in their behaviours), but likely Danish, flying under a German flag.

Pharmacy, food shops, hardware store, UPS, and PGE.
After that, relax with a cup of tea.
Dinner, and sleep.
Three days at work ahead. Time enough to deal with people so white they glow in the dark.
I'll just pretend I'm from outer space.


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