Tuesday, October 06, 2020


On the internet one runs into interesting stuff occasionally, in addition to Marlene Dietrich singing something. It's the nature of the environment. Now, you may wonder why I mention Marlene Dietrich, or which song I meant. You axolotl questions.
We're at war, son.

A Mexican neotenic salamander.

To be a philosopher one must axolotl questions. Dark wallpaper design above, and a lighter version of the illustration with text, as well as the horrid word play, by Dinghuart (Devbang), who can be found at: DingHuart Shop on Red Bubble.

Or also on Twitter: DingHu, mostly cats.
Conservative and comfortable warm clothing, for a more northern climate. An amphibian who is well-adjusted to the domeciles of sixteenth century Japan or China.

As many amphibians naturally are.

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