Monday, October 05, 2020


There used to be crowds of people on the sidewalks of the Financial District, so much so that you were in danger of being bumped or knocked over by very important individuals rushing off to lunch or meet other important personages. From my point of view it's better now. There's hardly anyone about. Their working from home benefits me. I seriously hate crowds.

Except in Chinatown. Chinese people are better at thronging, more fluid.

So far less of an unpredictable sidewalk or crosswalk hazard.
Sacramento between Grant and Kearny

From my bank on Montgomery Street to the park behind the Transamerica Pyramid is a short amble, and I was planning to have a pipe there, enjoying the quiet. Except that the gate was locked. So I headed up Sacramento to Chinatown, even though I didn't need to shop. The store owned by a friend, which relocated half a block uphill from his old location last year, is closed. The tailors also, as are the print shop, the kitchenwares place, and the restaurants on the corners. I do not know how these people are going to re-open when all this is over.

I honestly don't much care if the Financial District goes to blazes, it's mostly law offices, banks, and suburban assholes. But I want Chinatown to recover.

There are good people there.

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