Monday, October 19, 2020


It is cooler today, which suits individuals living in areas along the coast. Inland, of course, they are lamenting, because they can no longer run around naked at mass political rallies ..... which one imagines them doing at the drop of a hat. And it is nearly crab season. Which in the interior of this country means an infestation in the short hairs caught by attending mass political rallies with nothing but a stupid red ball cap on. Such as is distressingly common.

During cooler weather the crabs are more likely to come up on shore to enjoy a nice smoke, visiting their little hutches and lockers above the highest tides, retrieving their prized Charatan Pipes and birth-year Dunhills, and other briars, as well as stashes of Penzance Pipe Tobacco, Erinmore Flake, and that old tin of Edgeworth Extra High grade Sliced Pipe Tobacco from the old days, of which there is a little left at the bottom, rich and figgy-toasty. Earthy. Nutty.

They light up, and reverie descends.

As well as the wandering anti-smoker, who snatches up our dreamy decapodean American for Cioppino, damn them.

Even the Vegans, because tofu cioppino just doesn't taste right.

My heart bleeds for the brachurians.
Enjoying their fine smokes.
And cooler weather.

The rest of us, those who are sensible, also enjoy such things. Yesterday my feet were in pain all day, swollent inside their exoskeletons, and moving around was in a word, crablike. Not so much skittering or sideways, but gingerly with short steps. When a random person (a certifiable idiot) visiting work remarked "beautiful weather", I would have ripped his head off with my dextrous claws, if I had had those.

Lots of tea. A few bowls of Solani Virginia Flake 633, which is balanced by a very subtle inclusion of Perique, and is somewhat light, being sweet with a touch of earthy astringency. Very pleasing. An old-school pipe tobacco. Needs hardly any drying before loading, lights easily, smokes down to a few dry scraps. Allegedly has honey added, but I do not taste any, and it does not feel sticky to the touch as many such products would.

Seems to treat my Savinelli DeLuxe with the long pencil shank rather well. And vice versa. Sometime today the other Savinelli DeLuxe may be loaded with it. Haven't decided yet.
Probably also going to enjoy a bowl of Astleys 109.
Later. Much later. After tea time.
Ethereal perfume.


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