Friday, October 23, 2020


One good reason to look forward to the end of this election season is that undoubtedly my fellow Americans will piss me off less afterwards. Not only the raving Trumpites and idiot undecided voters, but also the entire state of Texas, along with Mississippi, Louisiana, the Carolinas, Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky and Tennessee, and several states in the MidWest populated largely by gun nuts and goobers. It will be very good to ignore them again.

"There are still undecided voters???? Seriously??? At this point, they just need to put their earplugs back in, their blindfolds back on, and crawl back into their basements."
-----Smart aleck retired person in South San Francisco who likes patri ni machi

And of course I agree with the person quoted above. I too like patri ni machi. It's some damned fine stuff, and is often made with pomfret, though cod, haddock, perch, pollack, and tilapia can also definitely be used. The Sanskrit derived word 'patra' means leaf, although in a textual context the word also refers to a writing surface, a page, or a cohesive block of text.

Fish covered in green chutney, wrapped in banana leaf, and cooked.

Whir about a dozen nice green chilies in the blender, throw in a handful of kotumir and half a dozen or so cloves garlic, plus salt and lemon juice, and about a teaspoon of cumin seeds. Smear this on the cleaned fish, wrap it in banana leaf (fasten it with kitchen twine or toothpicks), and either steam or put above charcoal for twenty minutes or so.

Salmon this way is good as well.

You know, it was very humane of Biden to agree to a final debate with Trump. Tolerant. And Christian. But a waste of time, because we already know what comes out of a horse's ass.

Instead of paying any attention whatsoever to the circus, I stepped out for a nice walk and a final smoke of the evening. Solani 633 flake in a Peterson.
Sam Manekshaw would have approved.
My apartment mate did not watch the debate either, but went to bed early.
There are no undecided people in this household.

As an afterthought, what I had for dinner last night was bittermelon and fried tofu with fatty pork in green curry, with a thick wedge of toasted bread from an Italian bakery.
Plus a sploodge of Sri Racha hot sauce.
It was delicious!


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