Friday, October 30, 2020


Yesterday's little jaunt to drop something off at UPS, then pick up my refills at the Chinese Hospital Pharmacy, and shop for necessities in Chinatown, leads me inevitably to some conclusions about my fellow human beings.

Number ONE
The word "queue" (排隊 'paai deui') does not exist in Chinese. In the form I show here it's sort of imperative -- line up! -- and occurs on two signs at the pharmacy. Queue (排隊 'paai deui') here to drop off your prescription, and queue (排隊 'paai deui') there to pick up prescriptions.
It does not register, and is used only for form's sake. One old lady ignored the signs entirely, some folks disregarded lines irrespective of what they were there for, two people happily had a social life while others waited for the window -- she was going to go back to work, he was glad that her family was okay -- and one gentleman, though aware of who was next, stood so far out of the line that for all practical purposes he could've been in the next county.
The same happens at bus stops, unfortunately.
It's the last chopper out of Saigon.
排隊 'paai deui'.

Number TWO
The phrase "cocktail hour" has no meaning in the United States. Folks on Polk Street were already getting drunk while picking up their "lunches" at a nearby bar which claims to serve food. So I walked to UPS with my parcel on the other side of the street, avoiding the crowd of vectors. To me, the cocktail hour does not start until the day is done, or one has had one's afternoon tea. So after five. It ends at seven. Unless you're having tapas.
It does NOT start at two o'clock in the afternoon.
How on earth did we win the war?
Bunch of dipsos.

Number THREE
Many San Franciscans have difficulty with masks, and social distancing. They can't read their cellphones with a mask on, and have no concept of personal space. This is why I carry a cane with me when outside nowadays; I don't need it for my leg, but to threaten people with.
Get away from me or I will clop you good.
And your little dog too.

I'll happily tolerate the Cantonese habits. I like anarchists.
Self-indulging white people, not so much.
Zij kunnen de pot op.


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