Tuesday, October 06, 2020


Because it will keep Stephen Miller at bay. Strike me down, I didn't even know that mutant alien vampire daemons could catch Covid 19, but Trump's pet monster caught it. Stephen Miller, as everyone knows, is maybe the only man in the inner circle who didn't gleefully head off to Jeffrey Epstein's island. It would have been pointless if he had; either no gentitals, or incompatible ones. Shaped like a fork.

Which explains his deep and abiding love of the Trump children.
They're kindred spirits. Equally misshapen, in a spiritual way.

Of course Ivanka and Jared have gleefully reminded Stevie-poo that Herman Cain took a month and a half to die of Covid. Six agonizing weeks, with ups and downs, without enough orange body paint or hydroxychloroquine (commonly available as fish tank cleaner), and have offered to shove a neon light tube up his ass regularly, to help him heal, or die, faster. Apparently there is now a huge supply of them in the White House, where the staff in the basement, and sex slaves in the bunker, partake of their blessings daily.
What they look like without their flesh masks

But garlic would have ensured social distancing. And kept Stephen safe from infection. He might never have gotten near the blood of those people if it had been rich with garlic.

As it is, the blood sucking space freak and the giant orange turd bag may die horribly before the end of the month. Out of breath and choking on their own ichor. We can but hope.

This essay was written by Hello Kitty.
Be happy!

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