Tuesday, October 27, 2020


When I left with a pipe for a walk and a smoke, the stuffed creatures were arguing over whether "spanking" should be purely consensual, or in some cases remonstrative. Obviously that was NOT a conversation I wished to participate in, being neither in a relationship nor a parent. And I'm rather surprised that Ms. Bruin broke gravitas to express an opinion. As senior Teddy Bear on my apartment mate's side she might have wanted to maintain a facade of stern disapproval of the discussion entirely. The oldest animal on my side (a small pinkish bear with short arms and "issues") was dreamily mumbling "spanking, mmm, spanking" to himself.
All the felines were, naturally, up in arms.

It had become too noisy for the phlegmatic thoughtful man.
So he left for a while.

Our newest Supreme Court Justice undoubtedly has strong opinions about the matter, and probably believes that women, Jews, minorities, and poor people, need to be spanked fiercely on a daily basis. That's why the Republicans were so keen to ram her through.

Republicans, as you probably agree, should not be spanked, but hunted down and clubbed to death like baby harp seals.

We're heading into uncertain times. I do not trust the Trumpites, and believe that interference with the vote count as well as acts of violence from their side will stain this election.
Many of them are unstable, as well as cognitively impaired.

Of course that goes double for the Christians.

In general, I am against spanking.

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