Friday, June 12, 2009


On one of the other blogs, someone suggested, by a sharp retort, that I was a rancid left-winger. At least, I think that is what they meant. And by their standards, I am. Out here on the West-Coast, some people know differently (hi Stephen!).

It isn't entirely a matter of perspective. Sure, if you really think that our invasion of Iraq was the greatest thing since Noah came down from mount Sinai with two loaves of wonderbread, you probably consider me a raving communist.......
And if you truly believe that George Bush was an honest and good man, you may have serious problems with your ability to interpret reality, AND you would likely think of me as a rabid and rancid lefty.

That's okay. I deal with loonies on a daily basis, so I know where your coming from. And I promise never to visit.

On the other hand, this being the San Francisco Bay Area, there are people here who consider most of my points of view to be reformulated National Socialism (hi Stephen!).
Or worse.

I care as little for that interpretation as for the first point of view. Both are too simplistic. If you are unable to see nuance and automatically reduce complicated matters to simple "truths", it doesn't matter what your perspective is, your perception is foggy.

You may disagree. If so, I am keen to hear about it. Heck, I'll even post you here as a guest-blogger if you want.
Just send your screed to:

There are a few basic rules, though.
No obscenity, nor hatred towards any ethnic groups, religions, or sexualities. Hatred of Dutch politics, ideas, and food, however, is perfectly all right.
No advocating of illegal activities (sorry, all of you pot-smokers), nor advertisements for diet-pills or Viagra, but on the other hand, impassioned anti-smoking propaganda may be allowed, even though I disagree with every single thing you say, and am convinced that you are a health-nazi.
No real names and addresses. No uninteresting perversions. No disquisitions on gardening.
Opinions, even if I disagree with them, are welcome - I'll be prefacing guest-posts with an intro paragraph, and following them with my own addendum, so I can indicate disavowal if need be, though I probably won't - it will be quite evident that the piece is a guest-post.

Be eloquent - I want people to read my blog, and I'm using you as bait.

There will probably be more rules as I think of them, but please remember: everything that I do NOT wish you to do, I will nevertheless maintain as my own prerogative.
Just like in real life.


The back of the hill said...

Please note that comment moderation has been enabled.
Most comments will be approved. Comments which mention names and addresses will not.

Roger the Shrubber said...


Telmac said...

what if I have an important rant, and want people to actually read it? is that appropriate?

Anonymous said...

What about up close and personal information about the size of Richard Becker's johnson? For that matter, could one discuss Steven Pearcy's personal proclivities regarding nubile 14 yr olds?

Unknown said...

Gee... with all those limitations, I'm not sure that I have anything to say. I'll have to think for a while.


Telmac said...

that would be lovely

GRANT!PATEL! said...

I shall have to take you up on that cruel offer. You have more readers than my own sweet self.

---Grant Opinionated

GRANT!PATEL! said...

Sweet, sweet, sweet.

---Grant Editorialbored

Tzipporah said...

Hey, why aren't you approving comments about gardening!!?!? ;)

GRANT!PATEL! said...

Gardeners are bores. One should grow mirchies and tulsi only, all else can be bought.

Unless you have toddy palms. Then it is a difference.

---Grant Patel

GRANT!PATEL! said...

Hey, why aren't you approving comments about gardening!!?!?

From which can be inferred that I am not the only one whose wisdom is being denied. What about my comments? Certainly not all of them have been minute detailings of the sighting of mister Becker's johnson, mister Pearcy's known predilections, or mister Anderson's paranoid dementia.

I demand to be heard! More specific, I demand to be seen!

---Grant Pontificunt

GRANT!PATEL! said...

And gardners, as we all know well, are merely British sodding pervs manque.

Pronounced 'mon-kay'. How do you put an accent in this bollocky thing? That is what I should like to know!

---Grant Penquinbangers

The back of the hill said...

Friday, January 18, 2013
4:50PM, California time

My sincere apologies to the six people who read this post today.
If you tried the e-mail address, it may have bounced back as undeliverable.

I hadn't looked in that in-box for so long it was classified by Yahoo as inactive. As of a few moments ago, it has been re-activated.

Go ahead and write.

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