Thursday, June 04, 2009


Sorry, this is not about Obama's speech in Cairo. I know that is what you thought. Instead, it is about a protest in the Bay Area that involves Israel supporters on the one hand, and zesty young Arabs on the other.

This Saturday, International ANSWER and several other groups will hold a Gaza Solidarity Day at U.N. Plaza in San Francisco, at which they will celebrate the heroic daily rockets of the Harakat Al Muqawama Al Islamiya.
[Plus several other issues of an Islamo-revolutionary nature, anarchist posturing, several thousand dollars worth of fines against ANSWER and Richard Becker for being a public nuisance, Lily Haskell and her sad emptiness, radical rage, cop-killing, da man, .... etc.]

It's all about sex!

Specifically, Richard Becker's sex.

His entire harem will be there.

Jess Ghannam, Tony Gonzales, Barbara Lubin, Mazda Majidi, Salvador Cordon, Cristina Gutierrez, Henry Clark, Gloria La Riva, Omar Ali, and Tamara Khoury.
[Al-Awda Palestine Right of Return Coalition, Free Palestine Alliance, American Indian Movement, Middle East Children’s Alliance, FMLN of Northern California, Barrio Unido for Total and Unconditional Amnesty, West County Toxics Coalition, National Committee to Free the Cuban 5, the Party for Socialism and Liberation, Industrial Workers of the World-SF Bay Area, Code Pink, Alliance for a Just and Lasting Peace in Philippines, Arab Resource and Organizing Center, World Can’t Wait, and the fabulous Anarchists (not organized enough to agree on a name).]

As usual, the program will consist of several speakers waxing ever more wroth and belligerent, making operatic threats and absurd statements, followed by Richard Becker positively glorying in the delicious revolutionary atmosphere, and rejoicing that he can finally feel his manhood again - he had thought it lost, till the members of his harem and the zesty young Arabs they attracted reminded him where it was.
He will sing! He will emote! He will glow with righteous joy! He will prance, and strike attitudes! Oh, it will be so beautiful!
[Lily, what the heck are YOU doing there? You don't swing that way! Oh, I forgot..... Never mind.]

Also present will be several normal people, who wish to point out that Richard Becker is really rather silly. And that his harem is clapped-out and tired. We've heard them all before, and we know how unimaginative their speeches are.
[Except for the time that Cindy Sheehan made a fool of herself, there is little to actually hold anyone's' attention. Both we and the zesty young Arabs would actually fall asleep if we had to listen.]

So, why are we really there?

It's all about sex!

The zesty young Arabs are meeting others of the same ilk, of either gender, without their parents or wives looking over their shoulders. They are free! Juices will flow! They are moist and full of beans (lentils).

And as for the pro-Israel side, we get to enjoy a nice day in the sun, plus a bit of modest exercise. We meet old friends. We make snide comments. We discuss Talmud and Nietzsche. We smile at the outfits of some of the earthmothers and wizardfathers who have made the long trek from Berkeley to enjoy the zesty young Arabs on that side of the street. Oh savage joy, oh lusty youth!

And, once it's over, we return to our homes, to take our sweethearts out to dinner, and to happily describe the events of the day. We will glow healthily, and our loved ones will assuredly feel immensely attracted to us. We've never been so vibrant!
They cannot resist our various splendid manlinesses and womanlinesses! We have vim and vigour! Life is good!

It's all about sex!

Except, perhaps, for Richard Becker. I doubt anyone would want to bonk him. Sex is supposed to be good clean fun, not a sad drab chore with a dull little troll.


Anonymous said...

Dull little troll? Isn't that Jim Harris's job description?

The back of the hill said...

Dull little troll? Isn't that Jim Harris's job description?

Well, yes .... but there seem to be a number of dull little trolls on the other side. It is, after all, the sexually frustrated and intellectually crippled crowd.

Anonymous said...

"the sexually frustrated and intellectually crippled crowd."

Hmmmmm. I was there and wouldn't quite all it a crowd. What, maybe a hundred of them? With at least that much on the pro-Israel side.

GRANT!PATEL! said...

Possibly one hundred and ten or so jihadis. Some of them simply angry middle-class white kiddiwinks, barely old enough to illegally drink.
And there was plenty of sexual confusion to go around in that crowd. At least the guy in the Queers for Gazza t-shirt knows what he wants... a good hard mullah.

---Grant Fanofpantiesonly

GRANT!PATEL! said...

Richard Becker looked like his winglewangle had withdrawn up into his groin along with his calcified testiculosities. Sour and grumpussy. What a piece of work.

Has he considered theapy?

---Grant Ravingmaster

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