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Omni International Hospital in Indonesia believes that patients have NO right to complain about whatever the hospital decides to do. Or decides NOT to do.

Former patient Prita Mulyasari complained about her treatment in an email to friends.
The e-mail was forwarded... and forwarded..... and forwarded..........

Which outraged the hospital. So they took Prita Mulyasari to court. She had already been found guilty and fined in a civil case, she now faces six years in jail and a hefty fine if convicted on criminal charges.
The mother of two was arrested and held at the Tangerang women's' jail for three weeks after the hospital filed its complaint.


The prosecutors said the incident in question began when the defendant went to Omni hospital seeking treatment for a headache and fever on Aug. 7.

"After she was examined by Dr Indah, it is known the defendant's thrombocyte dropped to 27,000, so she had to be treated by a specialist doctor at the hospital. Dr Indah recommended Dr Hengki Gosal treat her," Rahmawati told the hearing.

Hengki then examined the defendant's condition, which had weakened after suffering from a high fever for three days, as well as a serious headache, nausea and general pains in her body.

"Based on observation results, the doctor declared Prita a dengue fever suspect and diagnosed a viral and secondary infection, which she was treated for with an intravenous injection," the prosecutors said.

The following morning Hengki informed Prita there had been a revision of her blood count from 27,000 to 181,000. As the defendant's left hand had begun to swell, she asked the doctor to stop the intravenous injection.

The prosecutors said, according to the defendant, her condition worsened. She left the hospital on Aug. 12 with a final diagnosis result showing that she had suffered from parotitis or mumps.

Prita, who had delivered written complaints to the management of the hospital's customer service center, relocated to Bintaro International Hospital for medical treatment until Aug. 15.

"The subject of her complaint included the condition of her health from the time she entered the hospital's emergency ward until she left the hospital, laboratory results, poor service and information and the response of *Omni customer service manager* Dr Grace - accused of unprofessional practice - led the defendant to write and send an email to her friends titled *Omni International Hospital, Alam Sutera, Tangerang, fraud," the prosecutor said.

[end cite]


There appears to be no evidence that anything Prita Mulyasari wrote was untrue. Nor is the substance of her beef against the hospital up for dispute.

The hospital asserts that the e-mail written by Prita Mulyasari, by having been so widely circulated on the internet, affected their business and their name. They strive to maintain a reputation as an efficient modern hospital, up to international standards; pesky complaints by the little people hinder them in that regard.
[Reality has NO business interfering with business. ]

The law that came into play was the Undang-Undang tentang Informasi dan Transaksi Elektronik (UU - ITE; the regulations regarding electronic information and transactions), wich can be read in its 31-page bafflegab entirety here:
The relevant section basically states that whatever the little people say about the big guys can be held against them, at the discretion of the big guys - that being the government and the corporate world.

I should point out, at this juncture, that in Indonesia there is little or no separation of big business and state. Or, in fact, of big business and elements of the military.
[Except if the business is owned by Chinese-Indonesians. Then the gulf is vast.]


Here's a polite and well-written letter that you can send to the hospital:


Management RS OMNI International dan Pengacaranya

Dengan hormat,

Berkenaan dengan kasus hukum Prita Mulyasari salah satu mantan pasien RS OMNI International tangerang dan pemberitaan yang kami baca melalui Internet dan media massa maka kami berpendapat bahwa tindakan dari Management RS OMNI International sangatlah BERLEBIHAN dan TIDAK PERLU.

Surat Pembaca dan Email Pribadi Prita Mulyasari yang dia tulis adalah ungkapan kekecewaan terhadap pelayanan yang RS OMNI International tangerang berikan.

Bukannya menanggapi keluhan pelanggan tersebut dengan baik dan menyelesaikan masalahnya, RS OMNI International tangerang malah melakukan tuntutan hukum PERDATA dan PIDANA dan dalam proses melakukan KRIMINALISASI pada pasien Anda sendiri.

Keluhan pelanggan/pasien yang mana hak-nya dijamin oleh UU No 8 Tahun 1999 tentang Perlindungan Konsumen.

Karena sebab diatas maka kami menuntut agar RS OMNI International tangerang agar:

- Menghentikan segera semua upaya tuntutan hukum Perdata maupun Pidana pada Prita Mulyasari

- Dalam kasus Perdata, karena terlanjur diputuskan: tidak melakukan banding dan tidak melakukan eksekusi hukumnan

- Dalam kasus Pidana, karena sudah terlanjur masuk persidangan, memberikan support pada Prita Mulyasari dan memberikan kesaksian yang meringankan

- Memberikan layanan yang terbaik, sesuai hukum dan kode etik pelayanan kesehatan bagi para pasiennya

- Tidak lagi mengkriminalisasi pasien-pasien dan pelanggan RS Omni International tangerang

Ini adalah suara publik dan pelanggan yang kami yakin akan Anda dengarkan dan pertimbangkan dengan serius dan masak-masak.

Mohon agar kasus ini dapat diselesaikan dengan segera dan tidak berlarut-larut.

Hormat saya,

[Your name]

SOURCE: Enda Nasution, cited on the Unspun Blog, in this post:

You can also snailmail letters to:

Rumah Sakit Omni International
Jalan Alam Sutera Boulevard Kav. 25
15325 Kab. Tangerang
Director: Bina Ratna Kusuma Putri
Attorney: Risma Situmorang


Please note: I got the title of this post from an entry on Rivandra Royono's blog, guest-written by Sherria Ayuandini.

Terimakasih banyak to both of them for (unwittingly) suggesting a killer title! The subject-line "Penipuan Omni International Hospital Alam Sutera Tangerang", which was what I was thinking of naming this post, probably doesn't do much for most of my readers.


Unknown said...

I guess that the Hippocratic Oath has no meaning there. At least here when they screw you up you can kvetch and not go to jail.


Abdi Soeherman said...

I think the best thing is to send the message to the President of Indonesia and see if he is really a part of big guys or if he really cares of little people.

KucingArabYangMaraSekali said...

Regal Road, 94708 and Howard Street, 94105?

P and OHS.

Anonymous said...

The service by administration staff was friendly and good. The lab staff was extremely friendly and professional especially after I mentioned my MD title. Young doctors and lab workers explained the nature of the illnesses in Indonesia which may have different symptoms than in Europe.

The attending doctor, a silly old guy who maybe pretend not to understand English, treated me in a downward and arrogant manner despite my claims that I was an internist.

Although the doctor himself told me that my illness was in the healing stage which I noticed, he prescribed antibiotics while the lab test showed that I had a fungal infection. Apart from this I was prescribed a "doctor's mixture" of paracetamol, ASS, ibuprofen and few other things I don't remember.I didn't have pain.

He also didn't bother to tell me what medicines he was going to prescribe to me. It is true that sometimes a doctor would prescribe antibiotics as a prevention especially if a patient is over 50. My stomach hyperacidity was also a contraindication to teracyclines.

I must say that I needed to thank the pharmacists and nurses for explaining to me that bad doctor's handwriting. Especially the nurse offered a second consultation with the doctor where I could ask questions when I was unclear. In my country most prescriptions are printed by computer. Package inserts were not available although the girls took the time to write down parts of the MIMS(list of remedies).

Since I refused to take the medicines and instead took the probiotics that I brought from home along with a rice and porridge diet, I recovered in time to take up my flight back home. My friend was treated badly by another doctor but this is a different story.

Anonymous said...

The story of my friend, an 84 y/o lady named Mme X:

Mme X was about to leave for Europe when she noticed that her flu symptoms were stronger than usual. No fever and no common symptoms of typhus.

She was attended to by internist Dr.I.P, the most popular internist who was also working for Karawaci hospital. Her lab tests showed antibodies to typhus which can be due to false lab results or former exposure to typhus.

Dr.I.P. nearly forced her to be hospitalised for 3 days straight away without giving her the opportunity to go home to lock her house. He described her medical condition as threatening. She was prescribed the "newest" medication against typhus and he didn't bother to explain details to her. The only remark he gave was that the medicine was extremely expensive. He could give her a cheaper drug which would cause her to be hospitalised for 1 day longer. Cost of the drug Rp 4000.000,-plus all consultation fees incl. administration of the drugs.

However, they did hand out all treatment details among others referral and treatment plan. The handwriting was unreadable and I could only read the dietary requirements. The drug said"Broodlad" which is as far as I know the name of a researcher who works a lot on the immune system. Since I couldn't find this name in the List of Remedies I assume the drug was still without marketing authorization.We will keep the lab test with us.

Dr.I.P might have noticed that Mme X was worried that she couldn't fly to Europe so he tried to force the drug on her by psychological methods e.g.: "You see that you have typhus. If you don't take the drug and be attended to at the inpatient department you're not going to make it to Europe. You have paid for the ticket and visa(Indonesians are not treated very human at foreign embassies) and you can't make it without the treatment"

She met at least 10 patients of dr. I.P with a typhus diagnosis. AS an information I must say that typhus antibodies are common in healthy patients in Indonesia due to exposure.Mme X was suspicious about Dr. I.P's methods and rang me and described her symptoms. I advised her to cancel the hospital room. She did and just had a rest and some traditional flu medicines. She recovered in time to fly to Europe.

We felt that Omni Hospital was more concerned about finances than people but the lawsuit only caused a backlash on them.

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