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Apparently Amr Moussa, Secretary General of the League of Arab States, welcomes President Obama's pending visit. And praises the Obama administration for speaking out against any expansion of settlements (including live Jewish births - that falls under the 'natural growth' that Hillary Clinton insists must end).
Amr Moussa further took it upon himself to say something about a nuclear-free zone in the Middle-East.

You know something?

Nobody CARES what Amr Moussa thinks or says. The man is a flunky of some of the most repressive and backward regimes on the planet, and other than obediently spouting the Arab-party line, has no power, influence, or significance. He is unimportant; a nonentity of monumental inconsequence.

Grant Patel and Snooky Wong spent the better part of the past month arguing about Richard Becker's small manhood. Their attention would have been far better spent investigating whether Amr Moussa (Secretary General of the League of Arab States) has any manhood at all. Arabs are known for hiring eunuchs to do their grunt work, and while Richard Becker is an insignificant cowardly dunce, at least he has the beitzim to scream his own anti-Semitic nonsense. Amr Moussa merely loyally parrots crap that has the approval of his masters. No independent thought, no initiative, and no voice of his own.

Note: Snooky and Grant's angry intellectual debate on the nature of Richard Becker's wee quivering manhood can be found here: a tiny thing and here: very small and here: nasty, too and finally here: icky me'od .
Richard Becker is the Western Chief Wombat of International ANSWER, which is the front organization for the Worker's World Party, but also has some unreconstructed supporters of Slobodan Milosevic, Pol Pot, and Idi Amin Dada among its high-level functionaries. The reputed miniscule size of Mr. Becker's winkie is a theoretical construct, no measurements have been taken, nobody has made any effort to find his little petzele, and there is no actual interest in EVER observing it - it stands in for his personality, intelligence, and character. It is a symbol, and any mention of his thangus is almost certainly meant metaphorically. Much as it is in real life. Please do NOT send photos.

Someone should really tell the Arabs where to get off, and what the world actually thinks of them and their various excesses. That person will, alas, not be Obama. Our president is too much the diplomat, and far too pragmatic, to spit in the faces of the tin-pot tyrants in the Muslim world.
As long as they are still useful, we will smile patiently at them.


Scumbucket from hell said...

"I’m not going to say whether it is right or not to burn down a synagogue, I can see that it is a rational act."----Gilad Atzmon

Bay Area IJAN said...

Subject: [IJAN Bay Area Announcements] Protest Israel in the Gardens! June 7th!

12pm - 4pm

On June 7th in San Francisco, Yerba Buena will host "Israel in the Gardens". This event will celebrate the state of Israel and its claims to diversity and progressive democracy. We protest this celebration. In reality, Israel's apartheid state is not a thriving democracy but a militarized, violent system that is attempting destruction of the Palestinian people and culture through the colonization of historic Palestine. Further, Israel is fueled by systematic racism against Arabs and Mizrahi Jews. Recently, as the devastating attacks on Gaza exposed Israeli contempt for human life, Zionists and supporters of Israel continued their propaganda and claims to Israel's "Jewish Values" and "progressive Diversity". On June 7th, a gay performer, Ivri Lider, will be headlining at Israel in the Gardens. Queer people reject this exploitation in the service of a racist state. Please join us as we protest this celebration of Israel in SF!

Meet on Mission Street, across from Yerba Buena Gardens at 12pm, Sunday, June 7th!

International Jewish anti-Zionist Network, Bay Area ::

The back of the hill said...

Hey Jaron Browne, Kinneret, Sara, Perry, et al - how does it feel to have put yourself outside the fold? Does it feel good? You all relieved now? Finally getting over the white liberal guilt?

Oh, and how was your anti-Zionist seder among the rabid Presbyterians of Oakland? Was the pizza goooood?

See y'all Sunday. Bring bail money.

Anonymous said...

And don't forget Mich!

I think all of of friends will be there, bright and early. I expect they'll have company, too.

Maybe their protest is to commemorate Gilad Shalits nearly 3 years in chains?

Nah, somehow I doubt it.

Randy Member

Anonymous said...

What is this crap, btw?
" Queer people reject this exploitation ...."

Most queer people rcognize that
Israel is one of the most progressive countries on LGBT issues in the world, even while it sits in a neighborhood of some of the worst offenders

LGBT Rights in Israel
-Gays have full rights to serve in the military
-Sodomy laws were struck down in 1988
-Full civil rights for LGBT people established in 1992
-Partner benefits for all governmental employees, including the national airline, El Al
-Partner adoption rights
-In 2007 the State agreed to recognize same gender marriages preformed abroad, similar to its recognition of other civil marriages from other countries

Lucynda Dykewomon

GRANT!PATEL! said...

Yay, I'm linked! Huzza huzza. Grant Patel zindabad!

---Inteep Frawndaisy

GRANT!PATEL! said...

Say, would that be Kinneret Israel, Sara Kershnar, Perry Bellow-Handelman, et autres?
I recall Sara Kershanr as the galumphing she-elephant of pro-Palestinian Terror protests. And as a saboteur of Amrica's efforts in the middle-east, having been structurally involved in several acts that do not bear the light of day.
Kinneret Israel, of course, was intimately involved in indoctrinating the young to be self-loathing little Jews, potentially scarring them for life.
And Perry? Well, the less said about Perry's dalliance with Christian anti-Semites, the better. Too precious and intellectual.

---Prudence Threepwort

Anonymous said...

Join the "proud to be ashamed to be Jewish" crowd tonight at the Arab Organizing Resource Center.
refreshments wil be served

I bet Lily wil be there, too.

Anonymous said...

Why don't they take a more descriptive name,"Future Dhimmis"? And their slogan can be "Can't we all just capitulate?"


Little Ms. Muffett said...

Join the "proud to be ashamed to be Jewish" crowd tonight at the Arab Organizing Resource Center.
refreshments wil be served

That would probably be pursuant this notice:
Tuesday, June 2nd, 7p.m. Center for Political Education (522 Valencia)

You are invited to the Bay Area IJAN International Organizing report back to address these questions and more. IJAN International Organizers Sara Kershnar, Mich Levy, and Mariana Viturro will do a report-back from their recent international organizing tour, followed by a discussion on how this connects with local organizing and larger network development. This is a great opportunity for all of us to expand our lenses on the work we are doing, and further our understanding of IJAN's role as a cross-movement, liberatory Anti-Zionist Jewish network.

This is a report-back for local IJAN members only. Please do not bring non-members, as there will be a report-back the following week suited toward the general public.

To make this event run smoothly, we need a couple volunteers each to help set up, bring some food (you can be reimbursed) , and clean up. Please send an email to bay.ijsn@gmail. com Attn:volunteer to sign up.

I bet Lily wil be there, too.
That would probably be Lily Haskell. Originally from Savannah, GA Lily studied Sociology at Wesleyan. While in school she galavanted abroad to Senegal, and started an Arab student group quite inappropriately named 'Salaam' (peace).

Lily moved to Oakland after graduation to train youth to riot and commit borderline criminal acts. She is active with Break the Siege, a group that supports Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in Palestine, and volunteers with several Bay Area Jihadi groups and terror supporters.

Lily Haskell c/o Arab Resource and Organizing Center (AROC) 522 Valencia St.
San Francisco, CA

Frizzy Pastry said...

I recall Sara Kershanr as the galumphing she-elephant of pro-Palestinian Terror protests. Grant, that's VERY meanspirited of you. Sara cannot help that she looks like an angry proboscidus (and would that be Loxodonta cyclotis, Loxodonta africana, or Elephas maximus?).
We do not make fun of other people's evident handicaps, no matter how tempting it is to liken them to large rampaging jungle beasts!

Also, please spell her name correctly: Sara Kershnar. Not Kershanr. Kershnar. Sara Kershnar. The same Sara who dances with her big, BIG! Palestinian flag when the moon is full, accompanied by pixies and little demon-children. THAT Sara Kershnar.


It's a really big flag. That says something. Sarah Kershnar and her flag.

Creamy Junk said...

How evil to mention her full moon dancing widdershins! Like all of us, she has elements in her past that she wants to forget! Can you not overlook her involvement with witchdoctory and voodoo? How would you like it if we reminded you of someothing from a decade ago in your past?


Creamy Junk said...

And we are NOT going to speculate about her big big big flag in any way. If Sara Kershnar feels that it is appropriate to prance around with a large Palestinian flag like a Nazi-wannabee, that is fine by us. We respect Sara Kershnar's pain! Even if it is self-induced!

We are filled with the creamy goodness of merciful thoughts towards Sara Kershnar and her fellow Jew-not-wannabees. Mercy! The poor dear lady is trying, is Sara Kershnar.

Anonymous said...

We are filled with the creamy goodness ...
Makes you sound like a cream puff.

Anonymiss said...

An eclair! A little anti-Zionist eclair!


Tzipporah said...

Little Miss Muffet, are you slandering my alma mater? Wesleyan is a fine school! (of course, as an anthropologist I always find sociology departments and their spawn a bit questionable)

Ari said...

Mention of Egypt's Mousakka (mmm...Mousakka!) brought to mind a few other glorious moments in the annals of the "peace process."

There was the time that Egypt's foreign minister was attacked by Palestians when visiting the Temple Mount:

. . . and when his successor blasted Palestian provocation that brought about Israel's Gaza incursion:

Good times, good times. Sadly, Moussaka doesn't (publicly) share his countrymens' views.

GRANT!PATEL! said...

One cannot trust what comes out of Arab mouths - it often seems one step removed from what comes out of their pants.

Now, dhoti wearers do not have that problem. We are impeccably honest, and keep our unutterable elements nicely and politely covered. You can take us home to mom.

---Grant Knickersbaiter

Anonymous said...

Lily would actually be good as a model.

A company could put a picture of her, in all her hate and ugliness, on a billboard. Right below the picture, a caption could read "Her daddy didn't use a condom."

Mistakes like Lily are also a great reason to vote pro-choice.

She actually calls herself "of color"? What a deluded loser.

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