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Being a notorious pro-Israel agitator, and self-declared enemy of all that is Palestinian and sweetness and light, nay, even a fervent partizan of an objectionable Zionist cell here in the San Francisco Bay Area, oh horrors, I am often sent interesting tidbits from several people who wish to remain anonymous.

Such as the one below.

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From: ------
Subject: Protest Israel in the Gardens! June 7th!


12pm - 4pm

On June 7th in San Francisco, Yerba Buena will host "Israel in the Gardens". This event will celebrate the state of Israel and its claims to diversity and progressive democracy. We protest this celebration. In reality, Israel's apartheid state is not a thriving democracy but a militarized, violent system that is attempting destruction of the Palestinian people and culture through the colonization of historic Palestine. Further, Israel is fueled by systematic racism against Arabs and Mizrahi Jews. Recently, as the devastating attacks on Gaza exposed Israeli contempt for human life, Zionists and supporters of Israel continued their propaganda and claims to Israel's "Jewish Values" and "progressive Diversity". On June 7th, a gay performer, Ivri Lider, will be headlining at Israel in the Gardens. Queer people reject this exploitation in the service of a racist state. Please join us as we protest this celebration of Israel in SF!

Meet on Mission Street, across from Yerba Buena Gardens at 12pm, Sunday, June 7th!

International Jewish anti-Zionist Network, Bay Area
bay.ijsn@gmail.com :: www.ijsn.net

[end cite]

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But wait, there's more!
Not only are these self-alleged Jewish anti-Zionists going to be happily hate-festing in front of the event, they are also organized! And social-networked! Wheee!
As a lovely e-mail forwarded by another one of my anonymous friends so eloquently shows.

------ ------ ------

Report-back From IJAN International Organizers
Tuesday, June 2nd, 7p.m. Center for Political Education (522 Valencia)

You are invited to the Bay Area IJAN International Organizing report back to address these questions and more. IJAN International Organizers Sara Kershnar, Mich Levy, and Mariana Viturro will do a report-back from their recent international organizing tour, followed by a discussion on how this connects with local organizing and larger network development. This is a great opportunity for all of us to expand our lenses on the work we are doing, and further our understanding of IJAN's role as a cross-movement, liberatory Anti-Zionist Jewish network.

This is a report-back for local IJAN members only. Please do not bring non-members, as there will be a report-back the following week suited toward the general public.

To make this event run smoothly, we need a couple volunteers each to help set up, bring some food, and clean up. Please send an email to bay.ijsn@gmail. com Attn:volunteer to sign up.

[end cite]
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You will note that the location mentioned is also where the Arab Resource And Organizing Center (AROC) is housed. Which is where the provocateur who started the chant about 'throwing Zionists down a shaft' can be found.

I wonder if her more rabid associates appreciate her hanging around with so many Jews, even if they are Quislings and collaborators?

Oh well - at least many of her new friends are zesty and well-equiped. Plus vibrantly involved. And what could possibly be more revolutionary than combining hugs and protest?

How very delicious.

Is that what the Tides Foundation is funding?


Elephanta said...

Wait! You forgot to show the e-mail address from whence these marvellieuse communiques!

bay.ijsn@gmail.com Let your readers themselves decide whether they wish to meet Lilly up close! Encourage their queries to that Address!

A bon mercit!

Anonymous said...

I suppose we'll see our good buds Sara and Mic and Harris et al bright and early.
They think they have a surprise for us? Wait till they see what we have in store for them!!!!

(Cue the evil giggling)

Lucinda Goldfinger

GRANT!PATEL! said...

Has anyone contacted The Tides Foundation yet to ask why they fund hatred and the advocacy of ethnically cleanisng Israel?

One should.

--Grant Provocativeur

Anonymous said...

Has anyone contacted The Tides Foundation yet to ask why they fund hatred and the advocacy of ethnically cleanisng Israel?

Sigh. Because they are paid to do it.

Oh, well

Anonymous said...

All that hype and only 20 of them showed up!
And they all drifted off by 2. No doubt to go into Israel in the gardens to listen to the music and have a falafel and soak up some sun.
Protest: Epic FAIL!
Rumor has it quite a few of them were arrested in the wee hours of the morning while attempting to vandalize city property.
Sorry kids. Vandalism is a crime. From San Francisco to Palestine.

Lance Alott

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