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International ANSWER's big anti-Israel hate-fest at UN Plaza in San Francisco on Saturday June 8 fizzled monumentally. All their planning yielded no more than 125 or so die-hard haters. And their rally was over by two-thirty, though they wanted to be there till tea-time.
They were going to bus in anti-Semites from the South-Bay, the Sacramento area, Marin and Sonoma counties. They had several organizations on board, all of whom were going to bring in their people to scream and shout against Israel. Richard Becker, west coast chief wombat of International ANSWER, would address the masses.

[Participating organizations: Al-Awda Palestine Right of Return Coalition, Free Palestine Alliance, American Indian Movement, Middle East Children’s Alliance, FMLN of Northern California, Barrio Unido for Total and Unconditional Amnesty, West County Toxics Coalition, National Committee to Free the Cuban 5, the Party for Socialism and Liberation, Industrial Workers of the World-SF Bay Area, Code Pink, Alliance for a Just and Lasting Peace in Philippines, Arab Resource and Organizing Center, World Can’t Wait, AND the fabulous Anarchists.]


That's ALL you could manage, Richard?

Epic fail!

Half of those people were your own event-staff and your pet speakers. You must feel very small right now. All shriveled, huh?
It probably didn't help that the eighty or ninety pro-Israel activists who showed up to counter-demonstrate decided that it wasn't worth their while to stay, and instead happily marched down Market Street after Gloria La Riva had her fit of Jew-baiting hystrionics on the farm truck y'all were using as a podium.

The SFPD probably also thought it was a paltry performance - they nearly outnumbered your side.


You poor man! All that pre-event hoopla, and there was nearly nobody there to appreciate your fine speechy-weechy.
What did you end up saying? Was it the usual stuff about how defeating the racist-Jew nazi-zionists would lead to a workers' paradise where the Jewish and Muslim working classes would rebuild Gaza into a flower garden? Was it that stuff about how pro-Israel activists ONLY exist to excoriate you and prevent your wisdom from circulating? How about that wonderful theory that North Korea, Iran, and Gaza are all true examples of socialism in action? The US is the root of all evil in the world? Hugo Chavez speaks truth to power? Fidel Castro is a righteous leader (even though perhaps not quite Maoist enough)?

Did anybody listen?

Yes, the anti-Zionist Jews did show up to support you, Richard - all four of them!
They were too busy feeling pleased with themselves to pay attention to anything.

The World Can't Wait also endorsed your rally - this is what they wrote to their acolytes last week:

World Can't Wait (SF Bay Area) has endorsed and supports this June 6th rally in San Francisco, demanding: "End the Siege of Gaza!"

We invite you to join the World Can't Wait contingent (look for the orange super-picket signs and the 9-foot rolling "Obama-nator" puppet).

June 6th,this Saturday, is the 42nd anniversary of the seizure of Gaza by Israel.
World Can't Wait steadfastly opposes and works to raise resistance in this country against all moves by the U.S. government to exert domination, unjust wars and occupation, and illegal aggression.
To anyone who had hoped that a post-Bush/Cheney administration under Obama would deliver true change in U.S. policy and role toward the Middle East -- listen to Barack Obama's speech in Cairo on Thursday. Hear Obama himself tell you how U.S. policy is not, on his watch, going to significantly break with the dangerous trajectory of the Bush years. Please join us in the streets of San Francisco this Saturday!

EVENT: Solidarity Day on the 42nd Anniversary of Israel's Seizure of Gaza
TIME: Saturday, June 6, 12 noon
PLACE: UN Plaza (7th St. & Market St.), San Francisco

- - - - - -


Apparently, The World Can't Wait can't be bothered to actually show up. Same goes for The South Bay Mobilization.
Unless those ten or so middle aged middle class people were them.

In short, Richard Becker, we had more sincerely pro-Israel people from just the local community than all the opportunistic bigots you could pull in from the entire Bay Area. Perhaps your strident anti-Jew spew is not as appealling as you heretofore thought, and your harem of radical hate-speakers may have ruined your reputation by their rhetoric.
In fact, I'm convinced of it - a failure of this magnitude is not due to your loathesomeness alone, you had help.


And I note, by the way, that the news clip did not flatter you. Horrid video!
Normally I would recommend a good dentist (one I go to myself - he's REALLY good!), but I would not wish his bills to go unpaid, and I fear that your health-care coverage as chief office worker of International ANSWER (or whatever it is that you do for a living - you ARE employed, aren't you?) would not cover the work that needs to be done.
Those teeth look like they need serious attention.
But that may have just been the natural lighting.



Apparently a bunch of stalwart revolutionaries were arrested very early Sunday morning trying to commit vandalism at the location of Israel In The Gardens.

Additionally, a rowdy protest against everything Jewish, scheduled for Sunday at noon in front of Israel In The Gardens was much of a non-event - The anti-Israel activists intended to have a few hundred protestors in front of the fair, but they got about thirty.
Ron (Ralph?) Berg, who had been at Saturday's non-event was there also with his pro-Palestinian signs.
I mention Ralph (Ron?) Berg, because I remember his response when asked how he could possibly justify standing alongside anti-Semites yelling "the Jews are our dogs" in front of the consulate a few years back - he demanded to know what the context was in which they yelled that slogan.

[Falastin balad'na wa'l Yahud qalab'na - 'Palestine is OUR land and the Jews are our dogs']

It looks like Ron (Ralph?) Berg is now formally a member of the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network. So that means that there are actually five of them, not four.
Unless Lily of Arab Resource is ALSO a member - she's VERY multifacetted.

Friday evening: Women in Black are a no-show for their monthly vigil in downtown SF.
The three of us called victory after waiting for them for twenty minutes.
Maybe they're sick. In which case, refuah sheleima!
And see you next month, ladies. We'll be waiting for you.


Anonymous said...

Let's be fair here. A certain percentage ALWAYS attend events at that particular location, mainly because they LIVE there!


Dusty said...

The South Bay Mobilization was there- didn't you see the lovely bobblehead twins, Darlene and Donna

You didn't?

Lucky you!!!!!!

GRANT!PATEL! said...

Any idea how many of them got arrested? The performance I saw on Mission street was pretty damned pathetic. A few good men, and you could've swept the floor with that bunch. The poncey dude with the red kaffiyeh looked particularly doofy. Was that Paul Larudee? I though he was older and marginally more masculine looking. This guyseemed snippy and fey. Probably a catholic priest.

---Grant Thepriesthoodawaitsandwaitsandwaits

GRANT!PATEL! said...

There was one woman there with a pig-bristle haircut, though. Quite striking if you lke people named Gunther.

---Grant Iambigandbold

GRANT!PATEL! said...

And a sweet little old lady radical. Not a very conversational person. Must have swallowed something bitter. She sat with her sign.

---Grant Elderlyanarchistsdonotrockatall

Anonymous said...

Israel is a corrupt, murderous, baby-killing terrorist state. The world knows that. It's just a matter of time before the world takes action...

Anonymous said...

Anon --

Who uses children as human shields?


Who has driven out most of the Christians in Gaza?


Who murdered members of Fatah to increase the numbers of those killed during Israel's last incursion into Gaza?


Who stores weapons and other munitions in schools, hospitals and homes of civilians?


Who stores said weaponry in said places with the full knowledge that the IDF will hit said targets, thereby increasing civilians casualties?


Who was caught on camera using Gazans as human shields?


Who murders civilians with the use of kassam rockets?


Anonymous said...


Who kills the Christians among their people?


Who tortures and kills gays among their people?


Which country do Palestinian gays wish to escape to?


Which country has given numerous Palestinian gays asylum?


Which country has given asylum to numerous Arab Christians, who were in danger of being killed in their home countries?


Anon, not too bright, are you?

Anonymous said...

Ron (Ralph?) Berg...

No! Rob Kanter. Odd Job Rob.
But yeah, he seems like a Ralph with those beady little Ralph-like eyes.

Anonymous said...

I bet Odd job Rob will attend this, June 19-22 in detroit

Meet with anti-Zionist Jews from the US committed to:

*Palestine solidarity and rejection of the Israeli apartheid state
* Heeding the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) call from Palestinian civil society
*Supporting the voices of Palestinians to de-privilege Jewish voices on Palestinian self-determination
*Challenging white racism, including its manifestations as Ashkenazi racism against Mizrahi Jews
* Supporting anti-imperialist, anti-racist and anti-colonial struggles
* Exploring ways to confront Zionism by reclaiming Jewish histories and culture that Zionism has co-opted or attempted to erase

Anonymous said...

Some of the comments are very funny!

Khaled Meshal said...

For a bunch of racists who want to exterminate the Pallies, the Zionists aren't doing too well.

One can only assume that they aren't even trying.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Some folks are over the hill said...

Anonymous at 9:01,

You want I should show up armed?

Is that what you want?

Do you want that?

Because if you really want, we can make that bastards birthday really, really special.

Goddamn he's old. Too old. No wonder he never gets laid anymore.
Are Darlene and Donna gonna blow him for his seventieth? Satarday, March 4, in the evening, at 2969 Mission Street.

Anonymous said...

Darlene has cancer. Her blow job days are over. She's in Arizona getting coffee enemas. If you'd like to contribute to her cancer treatment, there is a "go fund me" set up

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