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Thursday, February 16, 2017


Courtesy of a bunch of Aussies, this blogger has A) found a spanking new purpose in life and for washing machines, and B) had approximately three and a half minutes of clean wholesome ("non-sexual") entertainment.

And, you will be pleased to know, an epiphany.



I would've added soap, just for normalcy.
That thing they put in, is it clean?

This blogger has decided that doing laundry is vastly over-rated. Given that half the time I am surrounded by midddle-aged rightwing blowhards huffing cigars, I smoke a pipe, and no bright young thing with a decent nose is going to passionately jump my bones except in my wildest dreams.

Or any nose, really.

That's the epiphany. Cut back on laundry. Rely on Mother Nature and the rainy season instead. Or do some shirts in the bathtub once in a while.
This is San Francisco, nobody will know the difference.

It's a great washing machine video.

Profoundly stirring.

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