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Tuesday, February 14, 2017


This blogger, being an at times sarcastic and mean-spirited blighter, could not be more overjoyed at the news coming out of Washington this morning.
It seems like a really sour Valentine's Day gift for the true believers up in Marin, whom I will not see for a few days. And they deserve it.
The saffron-hued crap-whompus is probably livid.

This is what that card says inside:

"Frank Ancona found dead, White House devastated. "He was being considered for the national security advisor spot", according to Sméagol, an official in the administration."

Neener neener neener, bitches, neener neener neener.

What did they know? When did they know it? Why were they okay with it? And why did they lie about it for three weeks?

General Flynn Flamm will be a hard act to follow.

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