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Monday, February 27, 2017


Sadly, Hawaiian Pizza is fifty percent of Canadian Cuisine. This is what you really must keep in mind when you visit the Great White North.
The other fifty percent consists of Poutine.

That's two things. There are three meals in a day.
Necessarily you will be eating Chinese a lot.

I particularly remember a dish with sea cucumber at a Cantonese restaurant near the film school in Vancouver. It was quite delicious. The jook I had one day for breakfast while up there was also exceptional.

I did not eat any beaver or moose.
An oversight.


Köstliche Eintöpfe von Biber und Elch.

Stew, in Cantonese, can be rendered as 燴 ('wui'), which really means to braise two or three ingredients together in a broth flavoured with soy sauce, rice wine, and vinegar, plus usually garlic and ginger. Dried tofu sticks and black mushrooms are frequent additions. There is no German equivalent. The Dutch term 'stoven' is cognate with Danish 'stuvning'.
駝鹿 ('to luk') literally translates to "camel deer".
There are, alas, no moose in China.
They're all over Canada.


Cantonese people would probably prefer to prepare these things in a clay pot, 煲仔 style. Cut and precook the ingredients as necessary, then place on top of the parboiled rice in the clay pot, add a splash of water or stock, lid it, and put on a flame to steam or simmer for a short while. Bring it to the table piping hot. Uncover, and pour in some boiled soy sauce and rice wine, which when it hits the sides of the vessel will release a cloud of fragrant steam into the layered rice and meat.

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  • At 12:32 PM, Anonymous Moose! said…

    And bacon, and salmon, and tea cakes, and pemmican, and butter tarts, and Kraft dinner, and vegetarian hot dogs, and jiggs dinner, and scruncheons, and and and ............


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