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Tuesday, February 21, 2017


This blogger honestly cannot stand many Asian Americans. By which most particularly I mean the younger American-born types, who are brittle, and think themselves to be superior. Possibly they have read too much Maxine Hong Kingston and Frank Chin.

As just one example, the correct response when I wish to add money to my transit card at the Walgreens on Stockton Street in Chinatown should not be "I can't understand whatever you are saying" -- you were hired nota bene because most of the customers are also Chinese, and I heard you speaking Chinese to other customers -- but some equivalent of 'okay', or 'sure'.
The middle-aged woman next to your precious young self understood me.
The elderly guy at the next check-out understood me.
And the clerk who helped me before.

It's not the first time I've been here, and I've actually done this transaction same way same place several times in the past.

Why is it ONLY young people, of either gender, who refuse to understand a white man speaking Cantonese?

I was earlier speaking to the old lady behind me, and she understood me perfectly well. Even though it wasn't her home town dialect, and her Toishanese accent was so thick you could cut it with chopsticks!

I am starting to recognize a pattern.

It isn't just the Chinese American younger generation, though they seem to exemplify it. I've run into the same arrogant "forka you, stupid white guy" attitude from Korean Americans, Filipinos, and others, up and down the educational scale. They were born here, they're 'Amurikens', they're proud of their heritage because it's better than the whiteness to which they aspire, and they're mighty pleased with their own selves because being yellow is good. More special, in any case, than being Jones or O'Reilly.

Yes, you are all precious and unique individuals, not just our faceless little brown brothers or Gooky MacGookface.
And some of you are mighty rude sons of bitches.
It's a lack of imagination.

As a rather broad generalization, the worst are probably Asian Americans at Berkeley, or transmigrants from the Los Angeles area.
Largely, loathsome cretins.

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