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Saturday, February 25, 2017


It is quite natural that conversations at two o'clock in the morning will be intense and meaningful. Things will be said that in one's more day-lit moments would never come out, and you can learn more about someone then than you could in calm, rational chit-chat at the office.
Especially if the other person lives in a different time-zone, where it's actually early afternoon. Like, for instance, somewhere in the Middle-East.
People over there are known for their rationality.
They discuss things calmly.

The call to prayer from the mosque across the valley was remarkably soothing and plaintive.

This pleased No-caps Jonathan.
In Israel.


No-caps Jonathan: i'm sure the shouty part will come afterwards, tho

His neighbor: Yea the Hitler on a Balcony chant comes in clear as a bell where I live...

No-caps Jonathan: i don't think those are chants, tho, i think they are "sermons".

No-caps Jonathan: like "be good people as allah requires and kill all the jews"

His neighbor: The words that I make out when the screaming part comes is Yisroali followed by some very intense's totally nuts lol

No-caps Jonathan: yup

No-caps Jonathan: i usually play ac/dc really loud when they do that

Another neighbor: Sounds like the beginning of a song in the making.

American far away: It's supposed to be "Allahu akbar; la illaha illa Allah, (wa) Muhammad rasul Allah, hayah es-salah, hayah el-falah, kad-kamat es-salah, alallalaalallahwoopwoopya'alalalalalalalalaah". Or words to that effect. I cannot recall any screaming in German.

No-caps Jonathan: there was screaming in german, pretty sure. i think the germans call it "speaking".

American far away: There's a youtube video about that.

No-caps Jonathan: a number of them. feel free to share your favorite.

American far away:

American far away: Please scream these: 'weltschmerz', 'existenzangst', 'identitätskrise', 'gicht', and 'zweifelhaft'.

American far away: Don't worry, it all sounds like hairballs. Compared to Dutch.

No-caps Jonathan: i think whispering them would be more shocking.

American far away: No, that's sexy.

No-caps Jonathan: pervert.

American far away: Mmmmm .....

American far away: German is basically Yiddish spoken by goyim. That explains much.

No-caps Jonathan: everyone knows german is largely derived from yiddish.

No-caps Jonathan: the khazars brought it with them from rome

American far away: With Russian words added. All of them. There's only a hundred Russian words anyway, it's a simple language for violent people.

No-caps Jonathan: russian all sounds like "just lie here and let me attend to all your needs" to me. it was really scary when stalin spoke it.

American far away: The most important Russian word (borrowed from German or Polish) is "nyeh kulturniyeh". It means 'Muscovite'.

The astute reader will understand that there are a number of Jew-specific references in this conversation, like the terms "yiddish", "khazar", "shouty part", and "ac/dc". Don't worry about it.

Just be happy that you know words like 'weltschmerz', 'existenzangst', 'identitätskrise', 'gicht', and 'zweifelhaft'.

And 'gänseblümchen'.

Meaningful words and strap-on cat ears; that's what life is all about.

By the way, that's a picture of a real life Israeli.

Aren't you jealous?

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