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Sunday, February 26, 2017


My job and my innate gentleness put me in contact with people who hold alternative opinions. Facts are not facts in their world, and their style of debate at times leaves unreasonably much to be desired.
They are mostly middle-aged cigar smokers.
Success and insulation form them.
Oh, and many are white.
Suburban pudge.

A collection of priggish middle-aged white men of a certain income level, who are blinkered and ignorant. Yeah, that's a slice.

I prefer not to talk to them too much, because it is destructive to the mind; braincells go bye-bye when they speak.



Life is too short to take these people seriously. Many of them still believe that Donald Trump is better than the alternative. They never understood the alternative, but at least Trump is a wealthy white male who is pro-Christian, pro-Israel, anti-Israel, unChristian, and not beholden to special interests, Jews, Masons, Bilderbergers, Bankers, Illuminati, and lizard people.
As well as entirely unconnected to 'pizza-gate'.
Beloved by video-gamers.

I may be the most mature person there at times. That's truly frightening.
When I say that I "baby sit", what I actually mean is that I would like to throw things at people, or jab them fiercely with a cattle prod.

Pipe smokers are altogether tolerant individuals.
Cigar smokers are a different breed.
Penis-brained folk.

I shall dine on pizza tonight, and think of goats.
The lizard people among us, and angry goats.
There are over 300 distinct breeds of goat.

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