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Thursday, February 02, 2017


There are times when this blogger agrees with Berkeley. Such as today, when protesters shut down a talk by a Breitbart contributor and hate-speech saint, trashed areas near the campus, and attacked cars.

Okay, you may make the argument that he should be allowed to speak, and that it might be democratic and proper to allow him and his fanclub to freely voice their opinions.


They've already done that. On the internet. In numerous forums. On many alternative media sites. Among the alt-right. In public.
To a cheering and approving audience.

Screw them, they spoke.

And now it's time to burn the effers down.

This blogger is perfectly okay with violent public reactions and furious objection to those people and their supporters. And, once again, they have had their say. We are not "preventing" them from speaking, and we're by no means "trampling on their rights". We are reacting, by attempting to slaughter the f*ckers, which is also 'free speech'.

This is what happens when you are a rightwing dipwad.

People will react. In a forceful fashion.

It's an American tradition.

It is a very great pity that Milo Yanniopoulos was not torn limb from limb and his repulsive parts scattered to the four corners.
He is a despicable man.

By the way: everything in this post is constitutionally safeguarded opinion.
Grow up, you entitled soot smudge. And get a job.
Dumb-ass Kentuckyite.

Wah, wah, wah.

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