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Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Several years ago I happily kwelled at my people's talent for breaking laws, especially if it entailed sticking it to the man for financial benefit. In that case it was a gigantic indoor marijuana plantation discovered somewhere in the hinterlands of Eindhoven. Tree-sized Mary Jane.
Talented folks, those Brabanders.

Apparently tobacco taxes in Europe have become quite unreasonable; per an article in Dutch, the locals are now running illicit cigarette factories.
Which give gainful employ to immigrants.

[See: Illegale Sigarettenfabriek.]

I approve of this far more than pot.

Governments profit obscenely from tobacco, while sneering at the goose that lays the golden egg. It's time bureaucratic robbery of the common man gets its come-uppance. Here in California new taxes on ciggies will go into effect in April, because pencil-pushing dogooders and healthfreaks have not figured out that we have a very long landborder with the rest of the country which goes straight through a sparsely populated waste land, there's an anything-goes state on the other side of that welcoming the business, and most smokers do not want to pay an hour's wages for a pack.

The same people that look down their long snooty noses at tobacco generally approve whole-heartedly of weed. Which is grown by naked spiritualist tribes deep in the Amazon Rainforest, who recycle and chant mantras. It's good for the planet, fair trade, and saves whales.

There were enough cigarettes in the illegal factory in Oirschot to keep more than a million smokers happy for a day, and there are probably other such factories. Even in Holland there are more tobacco fans than potheads.

Which means many more people who feel burdened by unjust laws, extortionate taxation, and bureaucratic opportunism.

The same holds for the state of California.

We have a very long open border.

And miles of off-track.

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