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Sunday, February 05, 2017


For some reason I remembered the times I made bananas baked in mille-feuille pastry. Which was always quite delicious. Because of a mild allergic reaction, I avoid raw bananas, but cooked bananas are quite alright.
I really like bananas. Flambé, Foster, Pudding ...

It was because of the monkeys. The One-legged Monkey has bananas, and says he will not share them with the Control Monkey and the Sock Monkey unless they dance for him. This, of course, caused outrage.

The Control Monkey was quite inconsolable.
Mr. Sock wasn't happy either.

Everyone else looked aghast. The She-Sheep told the One-legged Monkey that he was a meanie, and Ms. Bruin just gave him the "look".
He is presently in a corner of my bed, sulking.

While holding on to the bananas.

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