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Wednesday, February 15, 2017


The people with whom I work are not interesting enough. There's a family man, three single men, two single women, and an elderly couple. Except for the single women, they all smoke cigars. There is neither anything quite extraordinary about them, nor do they have peculiar habits. Unlike a relative five generations ago who came home every night and pelted his spouse with raw chops, they don't do anything noteworthy.

My apartment mate, on the other hand.....

She was on the phone with her boyfriend last night. One of her co-workers was breastfed till high-school age. His mom would come to visit during recess. No, I could not overhear how this came up in conversation at the office, as I was simultaneously trying to politely ignore what was obviously an intimate conversation, while examining my toes. They are all there; pale and white and wormlike. While wandering around the north-eastern quadrant of the city, it had felt like one of them was missing.

Not everyone comes home to a disquisition on breastfeeding. It should not surprise you that the subject seldom comes up in my world.
But with her, anything is possible.

Breastfeeding women tend to avoid pipe smokers.
The oral fixation may disturb them.
As well as the thing.
That feeds.

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