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Monday, February 13, 2017


Several very good friends posted lovely photos of Chinatown stuff over the weekend, as they had been there on Saturday in connection with Chinese New Year's Parade. Which is an annual thing.
I neither posted pix nor went.

Grant Avenue filled with Caucasians? Yeah, sorry, no. But thank y'all for visiting, and come again next year. The community needs the injection of cash that you bring, and several restaurants could use the extra business.

I am not social enough to deal well with crowds, and, well, y'all aren't really adorable in a swarm. Besides, I hide out in Chinatown on my days off.
Noodles, pastries, dimsum, baked chicken rice, milk tea .....
Or a good square meal at a decent price.

Really, the only other thing an anti-social wild animal might need is a couch with a comfy rug, and a laptop computer, in a smoke-friendly place.
With pipe cleaners and an ashtray on the side table.
I'll bring my own preferred tobacco.
Enough to share.

I'm okay enjoying a pipe in the company of one or two other individuals who either indulge themselves or do not mind the gentle perfume.
More than that and it might get too noisy.

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