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Friday, February 24, 2017


This past Wednesday evening two South Indian gentlemen got shot. Both of them were engineers working in Kansas.
An Anglo, who tried to intercede/prevent the violence, also got shot. One man is dead, and an all-American is now in custody.
The FBI is trying to ascertain whether there was a racial motive to the shooting. The all-American is reported to have said something along the lines of "get out of my country" before unleashing his firearm.

This presents me with a quandary.

What do I tell my friends and acquaintances who have the misfortune of looking "Islamic"? Or "Mexican"?

"Hi, welcome to the United States, we will give you a better shot (!) at success than anywhere else, despite the fact that with a foreign-sounding surname you won't get a fair crack (nearly thirty percent less chance, according to Ryerson University & the University of Toronto, see this article), and because of how you look some Redneck may, on a whim, shoot you!"

Ignore the gunfire. It's not meant personally.

Okay, that doesn't work. The poisonous miasma which now abundantly burbles in America may not impress them as "welcoming", and explaining that Swami-ji and Yogi-ji were shot by mistake likely won't fly either.
That he "meant" to whack Arabs is hardly reassuring.
Especially to Arabs that I know.

"Most Americans are not like that, honest! Only a small minority will try to blow your brains out! In Kansas!"

Methinks that, too, is the wrong approach.

"Only a few of us are homicidal maniacs!"

Yeah. That's good. More guns in civilian hands than anywhere else in the world except the NWFP. That is surely confidence inspiring.

"Not all of us voted for Trump!"

But too many of us did. And there is a resurgent self-assuredness among our slope-brows, they are re-convinced that they are on the right side of history, and our bahble-thumpin' fundy preachers, who are strongest in the heartland, say that G-d is on the side of Trump, praise Jesus, and please keep the drumbeat of anointedness full a-thump.
Can we get an "amen"?

O..... kay.

Will Adam W. Purinton get a fair trial?

Weeeell, that depends on a jury of his 'peers'.
So he might get off Scot-free.
Slap on the wrist.


"A 51-year-old man faces first-degree murder charges after shooting three men in an Olathe, Kan., bar Wednesday night, police say, reportedly telling two of them, local Garmin engineers from India, to “get out of my country.”"

"He reportedly came back into the bar and hurled racial slurs at the two Indian men, including comments that suggested he thought they were of Middle Eastern descent. When he started firing shots, Grillot, a regular at the bar whom Bohnen called “everyone’s friend,” intervened."

"Purinton, a Navy veteran, IT specialist, and former pilot and air traffic controller ... "


[SOURCE: He yelled ‘Get out of my country,’ and then shot 2 men from India, killing one.]

Oh wow. A veteran, and someone trusted with secure information-type stuff. A pilot even, AND an air-traffic controller! We vetted him.
And he's exactly the kind of person we admire.

Betcha it will turn out that he's an all-right kind of guy, regular church-goer, respected by friends and family, a beloved fixture of his neighborhood ...

Cut him a break, man, he's been under a lot of stress lately.

And he's a vet. One of ours.

"Not all of us Americans are like that, at all!"
"This has nothing to do with Trump!"
"He was kind to puppies!"

Too many of us are.
Oh yes it does.
Piss off.

Bannon and Breitbart.

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