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Wednesday, February 15, 2017


A woman gave birth on a dirty mattress in jail because sheriff Anthony Wickersham of Macomb County is a dick. As is pretty much everyone who supports him in his role, and, let's face it, all of Michigan.
You wouldn't want to live there. Unless you had to.

Obviously the story’s out there; the things we should’ve done, and obviously we’re looking at all of our situations, but as sheriff I look at all this and our staff and the medical staff acted appropriately.

------Anthony Wickersham

[SOURCE: Jezebel, article: Sheriff Defends Jail Staff Who Forced Woman to Give Birth On Cell Floor: 'We Really Don't Know When That Baby Is Going to Come'.]

Did I already mention that Sheriff Wickersham is a dick?
It's just a small detail, but crucial to the story.

"Wickersham said his staff evaluated Preston at least twice before the delivery and “didn’t believe she was in labor … and she was sent back upstairs” to her cell."

"Preston’s family was not alerted until after she gave birth to Elijah, who weighed less than 5 pounds. The mother then remained in custody at McLaren Macomb hospital in Mount Clemens.
Relatives were allowed in the next day, Wickersham said, but Chastain is adamant her son had always hoped to be present to cut the baby’s umbilical cord.
“How could they let that happen?” Chastain said. “How would they feel if it was their mother, sister, cousin, aunt? Actually, that probably would never have happened.”"

[SOURCE: The detroit News, article: Macomb County Jail birth sparks controversy.]

Anthony Wickersham is, unfortunately, a Democrat. I wish I could say that he's a Republican, but he isn't. He's from the great state of Michigan, where very many things suck bollocks irrespective of party affiliation.
And Macomb County is its own slice of peculiar.

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