Sunday, June 04, 2023


At this point I'm convinced that there are loose screws. R the Subcontinental knows very well that the old bastards in the back won't agree with him, ever, on this issue -- they often don't even see eye to eye with him about innocuous subjects like weather or that the sky is up, for instance -- but he keeps bringing up the gender issue. Precisely like them he confuses actual biological gender, gender identity, and sexuality. He brings it all up so often one would suspect that he wants to be called Loretta, and wishes he could have babies.

It's symbolic of his (epic) struggle against reality.

He needs somewhere to gestate them in.

What with not having a womb.

Christian and Sam went outside to get away from the conversation. They were trying to relax. Loretta going off on his tangent made that difficult.
One should not assume from this that many other Indians are so "dense", socially. Or even most Punjabis (guess where R is from), though I have met many whose conversational gambits are like a navy ship laying rhetorical mines in the harbour for the unwary to stumble upon and lose a finger or two.

I believe a whole host of them were marching down Market Street (it being the annual Sikh Day Parade & Remembrance Rally) today. Rambunctious cheerful music, dudes wearing tubans. One or two transgenders. With or without sarees. Ghee drenched laddoos and jalebis. Sarson da saag and makai di roti. Vegetarians stuff. And tandoori murgh.
As well as conversational stormsurges that defied belief.

Many of whom would have asked him "tusim kisa bakwasa raheho?"
What the heck are you ranting on about?
Chup rao!

I like R. He's a decent chap and a liberal, and his heart is in the right place.
But at times he's so far on the spectrum that no buses go there.

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Googlums said...

Dude, that "womb" looks like a space alien. Are you all right?

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