Wednesday, November 27, 2019


Tomorrow: wake up at a reasonable hour. Coffee, shave, shower, then after a suitable interval, out of the house for a while. Because my apartment mate will be monopolizing the kitchen, I expect, for the annual potluck at one of her siblings' houses. To which I am not invited. Not because they dislike me or something stupid like that, they barely know I exist. Insofar as they can think of me, I am the "old college classmate", and the same gender.
And racial heritage.

Little do they know I am NOT female and Cantonese American, but male and Dutch American. They've never met me. These are people who are adept at keeping their lives rather private from each other, and they don't ask prying questions about each other's business.

And I am not the pushy interjecting type.
I do not insist on inclusion.

I am used to being alone. Not okay with it, but quite used to it.

What that means is that tomorrow I shall have a nice hot lunch by myself in Chinatown, then wander around for a while smoking a pipe, before coming back home at early evening, twilight, perhaps to doze. One of my favourite chachantengs will be closed, because since the daughters took over they are no longer open on Thursdays. Which tomorrow is.
Don't know which eateries are open.

Honestly, I have no clue where I'll eat. I don't know who is going to be open on Thanksgiving and who isn't. It's a total crapshoot. The tobacco is more certain than the food, the only thing definite is that there won't be turkey.

3¼ OZ. 92 g NET WEIGHT

Rummaging through my cabinets, I found a 92 Gramme tin of Capstan Navy Cut (a medium Virginia flake) from the nineties. The tin says "W.D. & H.O. WILLS, BRISTOL AND LONDON". And "MADE IN ENGLAND".
It smells rich and winey. Dark flakes, mahogany hued.
Age has benefitted it. This will be fun.
A nice quiet hour.

Perhaps another round of milk tea before heading home.

It will be cold. And possibly wet.
Thick coat and gloves.

I'm really not into cold weather and no turkey and no celebration, but there will be a decent meal, lovely tobacco, and milk tea. In a neighborhood that feels bustling and home-like. And some cake later.


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