Tuesday, November 12, 2019


Recently another protester was shot by police and an anti-protester was doused with gasoline and set on fire. Transit stations have been firebombed, teargas has been fired, and dozens of people taken to the emergency room. University campi have become war zones. What is distinctly worrisome is how common place Molotov cocktails have become.
The Hong Kong riots have achieved nothing.
Other than dreary regularity.

The Hong Kong police have behaved with exemplary discipline.

The angry students, not so much.

Can you imagine what San Francisco would be like if Bart Stations were trashed and set on fire?

The SF police, well within reason, would be using live rounds to battle the allegedly peaceful demonstrators. Lest citizens themselves shoot them.

Petrol bombs were thrown into an office while there were still people inside working. Shops torched with apartment residents above.

Much as I despise Starbucks, their employees whose livelihoods are under threat from the repeated destructive actions of student hooligans would be justified in taking iron bars to the heads of protesters.

Peaceful protests do not involve petrol bombs, trashed work places, or violent mobs. Except in Pakistan.

"Once again, businesses thought to have mainland ties or holding pro-government views were subject to wanton vandalism. Two Best Mart 360 stores in Causeway Bay were trashed by rampaging mobs. A Starbucks branch in Sheung Wan was also targeted.
End cite.
[Source: Chaos and Violence Hong Kong.]


Oh by the way: ban ALL public gatherings from Victoria Park.
Make it off limits to everyone for the duration.
Teargas is your friend.

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