Monday, November 11, 2019


Among my fellow bus passengers, frequently, are a young dumpy Asian woman and a brassy well-polished trim and stylish confident extroverted woman. The first one mentioned is more likeable, because of her face. There's an intelligence there. If I were to have a conversation with either one, I'd pick the first one I mentioned. In all honesty, confident well-polished types, male or female, tend to get on my nerves. There's often nothing there. They are the marketing department of social beings.

The extroverted type will indeed convey his or her opinion and preference, but it may be idiotic. If you tell me you that can't make up your mind about something, but cannot say why, I may be forced to conclude that your mind is defective or non-existent.

"I like Kermit the Frog."


"Oh, I don't know..."


Anything is better than "don't know". A long disquisition about lean green love machines, or snappy dressers, that darling little trenchcoat when he's the roving reporter, or the cute way he gets angry waving his arms about......
Say something.

"I cannot stand Miss Piggy."


"Because she's a horrible human being."

Now that's much better than the brashly expressed but indecisive "oh, I don't know". I can deal with that. Formulate my next utterance around it, whether agreeing or disagreeing, irrespective of the fact that Miss Piggy is porcine rather than humanoid.

Oh, I don't know is an asinine answer.

"I think Ralph is one of the more likable people on the show."


"Well, he's kind of upbeat, and those floppy ears sort of add to his persona .... "

Okay, but are we sure he can actually play the piano?

"What, you mean the patter might just be to cover up?"

Yes, there is that possibility.

Conversationally we can go forward.
With "oh, I don't know" we've reached a standstill.

Maybe we should talk about your shoes instead.
They're too tight, and cutting off circulation.
It's affecting your ability to think.

Do you like Gonzo the Great?

"I'm not sure."


"What is he? Some kind of mutant turtle? That goofy nose doesn't belong to any known creature, it's maybe a phallic symbol or an offensive weapon, can he pick things up with it?!?"

Yeah, um, okay.

I've actually never talked with either woman.

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