Sunday, November 17, 2019


There are far too many spoons in this apartment. Over the years, while the grocery store around the corner was in business, occasionally I'd cruise into their housewares section and purchase stuff. Bowls. Strainers. Plastic. And stainless steel cutlery. Particularly spoons of a narrow range of dimensions, because spoons of the right shape for hot beverages are "perfect", precisely like a crisp five dollar bill, which is the most useful denomination.
Do not ask about my wallet at this moment.

The perfect tea spoon is not, in fact, a tea spoon. It's a dessert spoon, one step down from a tablespoon. An actual tea spoon is rather useless, unless you serve sambals in little porcelain bowls.

And even for sambals, a dessert spoon is better.

I have never mentioned this radical theory to any of my relatives. Not to my grandmother, who adhered to British ideas of tea service, nor to my mother, who abjured sambals. Nor, even, to my apartment mate. Who would look at me funny. And very likely conclude for the umpteenth time that she was living with a stark raving loony.

When things are the correct size and dimensions, they look fit for the job.

Precisely like the Peterson System Standard.
As pictured below.

Peterson System Standard, shape 307.

A beautiful bowl that feels comfortable in the hand. Bent shank and stem, nickel band to keep the wood from being damaged when the pipe is taken apart, the curve is not too deep, and there is sufficient distance from the mouthpiece to burning tobacco to keep the smoke out of your eyes.
It just looks "right". The quintessence of pipeness.
As a tool for smoking it looks the part.

I have several.


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