Saturday, November 23, 2019


As a single man I get to cook whatever I like. Which is good, because even though cooking for other people, and having someone to eat with, is nice, what other folks eat isn't always what I like.

Tonight's dinner was pan-fried rice stick noodles (沙河粉) with mustard greens (油菜), egg (蛋), potato (薯仔), preserved pressed vegetable (榨菜), and sambal (辣椒醬).


A suitable quantity of boiled broad rice stick noodles added to leafy mustard stalks cooked with shredded Szechuan hot pickled mustard root (for salt), minced garlic and ginger, some chunks of cooked potato already fried golden, everything briefly pan-fried with curry paste, and an egg added at one end of the pan to set, then the whole tossed together with a splash of stock, a sploodge of chili paste (sambal), and a squeeze of orange.

When I decanted everything to my plate I looked up and realized how hazy the kitchen had become.

I am beginning to understand why this apartment has a slight curry aroma.

Ginger, garlic, coriander seed, mustard, turmeric.

Chilies, fish sauce, lemon grass.

沙河粉 'saa ho fan'. 油菜 'yau choi'. 蛋 'daan'. 薯仔 'syu jai'. 榨菜 'jaa choi'. 辣椒醬 'laat jiu cheung'. 煎咖哩榨菜河粉 'jin gaa lei jaa choi ho fan'. It is taken for granted that there will be a main food, like vegetables and egg, in the dish. So the unique flavourings like curry and preserved turnip (pickled mustard root) are listed in the dish name.

You can also take the chili paste for granted

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