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The problem is how unfeminine the images of most pipe tobaccos are. Names like "Old Grumpus Crumble" and "Pirate's Gout", while hiding what may be excellent products (though probably not), appeal to men; big strong rugged manly men with piercings and too much body hair.
Almost like signs saying "no girlz".

[Old Grumpus Crumble: too damned much Latakia on a base of rope, pressed into a block, then rough-sliced into thick wedges. Pirate's Gout: Virginias, Burley, Firecured Kentucky, and 20% Perique; too strong, too butch, and so damned manly that only sailors smoke it. Picture of a punk parrot tattoo on the label. With a peg leg.]

This blogger regrets that.

Good pipe tobacco should appeal across all genders, and all ages. From the dewy twenty-something still at college to the crotchetty old bastard in his basement hoarding tires and olive oil while tending to his voodoo doll collection. As some of them do. There might be another war.
Obviously, the dewy something still has ideals.

She needs something 'perky' to smoke.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if someone like John's younger daughter ("a very lovely, slim, Nordic blonde with a face as bright as sunshine") were to tip-toe through her life happily smoking something old fashioned?
Like red Virginia flake in a Castello?

Or, hypothetically, someone like my apartment mate, a small Cantonese American woman, who at present expresses revulsion at smoking, never developed much of a taste for hot sauce, and often expresses her most outrageous thoughts by being the voice of stuffed creatures.
Who almost all ALSO hate smoking, remarkably.

[She's more of Comoy Blue Riband type.]


Four possible products immediately come to mind: a red Virginia flake with a touch of fire-cured for spice, a ready rubbed version, a Virginia Perique mixture, and a medium English with just a hint of Perique.

[I'm presently enjoying a modest blend of my own devising. Three aged Virginias, with the slightest touch of Louisiana. Perhaps a prototype.]

It would not surprise me if the feedback to this idea is overwhelmingly positive.


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