Tuesday, November 12, 2019


On one of the forums, a friend requested that he not be addressed as 'sir'.
He's in a part of the country where that's not common.
Might even be 'sassing'.

I have reached the age where people often address me as 'sir'. Which is disconcerting! I still envision myself as the young rowdy who tossed the consulate filing cabinet out of the second floor window to the street below, where the contents were set on fire. And I still feel very very young.
Now youngsters offer me their seats on the bus. Dammit.

There are a lot of Chinese people in SF, who were raised to respect elders. And white folks such as myself look prehistoric by their standards.
Many Chinese people of my age have no wrinkles. I have two.

If I were a werewolf, this would not be an issue. Abundant facial hair would cover up the signs of any age. The problem is that my whiskers (goatee and mustache; a ring beard) have white. Perhaps I need to howl more.

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