Thursday, December 29, 2016


When given a choice between having opinions on the Middle East or a shot of Jägermeister, go for the Jägermeister. It is far better for you.
Yeah, it will almost certainly pull a number on your guts.
That's good, comparatively speaking.
Better than alternatives.

I have deleted all my recent comments over at the pro-Israel page, left the group, and blocked e-mails from the local rep of SWU.
Plus several of the members.

There are just too many stupid, ignorant, and downright evil people involved in arm-chair activism to make the continued interest worthwhile. And I'm sure they will all manfully step up and move their armchairs to the west side of Montgomery Street, precisely between California and Clay streets.
When the time comes that it's necessary for them to act.
Besides, they've got Trump and Netanyahu.
The best of all possible worlds.
That's worth it.

I've always found association with people who go deliquescent and lubricious over rightwing blowhards to be distasteful.

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