Wednesday, December 21, 2016


One thing that strikes foreigners about the United States is the exaggerated cultic patriotism of Americans. If, for instance, a sportsstar does not stand for the national anthem and place his hand over his heart while it plays, it does not go well for him or her. That person will be excoriated, lambasted, lynched in effigy, and disparaged for personally slaughtering our war dead, shooting the loyal good men in blue, and taking away food from the poor whimpering Christian orphan.

His mother was a hamster, and his father smelled of elderberries!

He did not make the obligatory gestures!

He is an atheist!

Shan't mention the current shtuss about quasi-religious hand motions at the beginning of ballgames, as you undoubtedly get the idea. People died for that flag, ALL lives matter, and there aught to be a law, dammit!

In India they have a similar manifestation, and folks in wheelchairs seldom go to movies because true patriots will gleefully beat the living crap out of them for not standing during Jana Gana Mana.

In the Zeit des Nationalsozialismus on the continent during the years 1930 to 1945 it was obligatory to stand and and stretch out the right arm in an approved manner whenever 'Die Fahne Hoch" was played.

All in good nation-loving fun, of course.

Patriotism is good for society. It puts everybody on the same page and in the same direction, marching in a dignified and an orderly fashion towards an ideal social construct, and our beloved leaders at times represent the sun, shining heroically down on the dawn of a glorious new era.

Hail, oh fatherland. Your children await the time.

The flag on high, with closed ranks.

A day for freedom.


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